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So, even in the modern age, slavery is a thing. Ask any random bleeding-heart liberal and he’ll tell you all about those starving dudes in Africa who have to pick cocoa or get shot. But really, who gives a shit about those guys? We have more pressing problems, such as the fact that in the West women can’t be treated as property.

I hope that you, my enlightened, cultured readers, are much like myself keenly aware of this massive, massive, gigantic problem. A problem so massive it even dwarfs the size of the boners I get while browsing Fatalpulse doujin. It used to be different, you know. Back in the halcyon days of Rome, a guy could have like, six or seven slave bitches, and a wife who knew her fucking place. You could come home from a hard day oppressing the plebes at the Senate, drink a fresh glass of lead-flavored water, then just go to town on your slave whores with no contraception because nobody fucking new what that was. Yeah, sure, there were problems – the occasional outbreak of plague, those fucking uppity Persians on the eastern border, and that absolutely infuriating little village of irreducible Gauls. If you think about it, a stable of slave whores is more than worth occasionally getting your skull bashed in by Astérix.

Sadly, in the modern world, we’ve lost that. You’ve got to fucking ask women to marry you, and they can actually fucking say no, or worse divorce you and take your shit. You can’t keep a stable of slave girls as a consolation because our degenerate society will celebrate sodomy with parades but get its panties in a wad about a guy boning multiple girls under one roof.

What’s a good and decent man to do when the world’s turned into such shit? Go into politics and try and fix it? Form a Right Wing Death Squad? Grow out his hair, put on a trench coat and claim that his name is Not Important?

Nah, that sounds like work. Fortunately, no matter how bad the world gets, there are always Chinese cartoons. So come along, dear reader, and follow me to a fantastic world where keeping chicks in your rape dungeon is perfectly acceptable, and bitches know their place.

Oda Non: “Slave Fantasy”


You know I find it really funny when there’s a whole fantasy world built to back up the hardcore rape.

Let’s begin with a bang, shall we? This little gem by Oda Non is short, sweet, and full of giant monster rape. The gist is that two great ladies from a large fantasy empire have been captured by… orcs? Pigs? Goblins? Monsters. They have been captured by monsters and made into cock-sleeve sex slaves. They then proceed to do what cock-sleeve sex slaves do – get fucked every which way.

Here, have a look. It’s fantastic:

You’d think, with tits like that, that the men of the empire would be more inclined to fight the monsters for their women.

Uruujima Call: “Sex Slave Battleship of the Galman Empire”

You know I’ve read this comic like a million times before and I just noticed that “bitch” tattoo. Huh.

In this comic by Uruujima Call, we discover why re-purposing rusted old battleships to turn them into spaceships is a very bad idea. The Yamato was a heap of scrap that pretty much shat itself when it saw the giant, red-white-and-blue cock of America’s Arsenal of Democracy. It’s not going to survive a space laser, and the hilarious idea of women serving in the military is followed to its logical conclusion when all the female survivors of the crew get captured, enslaved, and put to use at the one thing women are good for – servicing dick. Here’s a little preview of the action:

Equal opportunity rape – serving pregnant girls, brown girls, and the retarded.

Purin Dou: “Slave Market II”

Now THIS is a commodity I’d trade in.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the elf race and its subspecies have two uses when it comes to humankind. Elf males are worthless, so they’re for killing. Elf girls are universally hot and submissive, so they’re for fucking. Because their only use is fucking, the only role for elf girls is as property and the only way to manage them is through slavery. Thus, elf girl markets where elf chicks are whored out and sold as slaves. Simple, effective, and absolutely fantastic.

Dark elves may be an inferior race, but they make very good whores.

Asanagi (FATALPULSE): Victim Girls 10 – It’s Training Cats and Dogs

Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this.

Come on. It had to happen. You knew it had to happen, I knew it had to happen. I mean, rape and sexual slavery? Who else are you gonna call? What kind of awful, tasteless doujin showcase would it be without the master of rape, the scion of misogyny, the triggerer of fedoras, the grand objectifier, the one, the only Maestro of brutal fucking – Fatalpulse. My God, I could sing this man’s praises all day long.

The gist of the story is this – a dog girl hates catgirls, so she puts them in concentration camps to turn them into sex slaves. She’s just a stupid woman who can’t help but submit to cock, so her human ally betrays her, then turns her and presumably all the other dog girls into sex slaves, thus ending up with both cat and dog girl sex slavery. It’s awesome.

Then again, if it had no story and it was just 32 pages of random Fatalpulse art of chicks getting raped, it’d still be fucking awesome. I mean, damn:

Uh. Yeah, I have nothing to say to this, all the blood’s gone to my boner and I can’t think. I’ll be in my bunk.

And there you have it, a delicious, piping hot bowl of sexual slavery with a side of rape. I’m delighted with myself, to be honest. When I set out to write this article, I half expected that 90% of it would just be me shilling for Fatalpulse. I actually managed to control myself and keep it down to only a third this time!

I hope you enjoy this selection and stay tuned for more sick shit as showcased by yours truly.

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