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Let’s face it: girls are kinda hard to put up with.

I mean, just think about it! They have all these… these things, you know? Stuff like “personalities” and “tastes” and… and “opinions”! I mean, who has the time to deal with that? I have a giant boner pretty much 24/7 and hearing an attractive woman talk (and who the fuck wants to hear women talk anyways?) when she could be doing something else – with her mouth, to my dick – is frankly torture. And ever since the well-meaning total retards of the world decided that you can’t, in fact, keep a girl pregnant, barefoot, and tied to the kitchen courtesy of a ball and chain (because they have “rights” or whatever), this source of frustration has become somewhat hard to avoid.

So, what’s a good, decent man like myself to do?

Well, I thought about it, and I concluded that turning bitches into mindless cock sleeves is a great start!

You see, if what my Chinese cartoons and comics have taught me is true (and I have no reason to doubt it), women’s minds are directly related to the state of their pussy. Namely, each woman has a certain threshold for how much dick she can take in a certain amount of time. Exceed the threshold, and her true slut personality bursts to the surface and takes over; she becomes only a human sex toy, obsessed with being impregnated. Who doesn’t like that?

I mean, of course, the total breakdown of her mental faculties may be a bit difficult to manage, but if you do things right, you can end up with girls with enough personality to make you a sandwich on command in-between bouts of fucking, and that’s really more than good enough! And hell, if you do completely ruin her and she becomes nothing more than a drooling human onahole, she still beats your average empowered feminist woman in pretty much every category that matters, up to and including cognitive ability.

In that spirit, and perhaps out of more than a little personal interest, for this week’s Doujin Showcase I’ve marshaled my considerable talent to select some of my favorite mind break doujins. And mind you, reader, you owe me one, because it was really hard not to just type “literally everything by Fatalpulse and Maeshima Ryou, Heroes of the Imperium” and call it a day. Really hard.



We begin our journey of mind break with a classical situation of a smug cunt being shown how powerless she is, and then being fucked until even her brain cells adapt to the shape of cock. In this doujin, by the always-fantastic Fan no Hitori, girls are picked at random by the government to be turned into sex dolls mind controlled by a high-tech collar and a phone app, presumably because nothing says “functional welfare state” than every man being assigned a personal whore.

Imagine if Wikipedia was a human sex doll info repository and not a shithole. Now that’s Utopia.


Fan no Hitori never disappoints. He’s a master of big tits and ahegao, and this Chinese comic has them aplenty. It’s true that perhaps he could be accused of giving all his girls the same big-titted, huge-assed body type, but that body type’s so fucking good that’s basically just nitpicking.

More importantly, he totally nails the range of expressions between “only mildly retarded sex slave” and “completely gone”.

Happiness Experience!


Hime is a useless ugly cunt of a person, and a totally useless Precure to boot! Fortunately, our protagonist is on hand to help Hime, introducing her to the joys and benefits – sexual and not – of doing hard fucking drugs until her brain rots and all she can do is ask for more! There’s not really much more plot than that, but Maeshima Ryou is just so fucking amazing this comic doesn’t really need any more than its basic premise.

If ever a compelling argument has been made in favor of legalizing drugs, Maeshima Ryou’s work is it.


Maeshima Ryou is a miracle of the universe, a true classical hero in the vein of such greats as ShindoL and Fatalpulse. When he dies, he will go to H-artist Valhalla, where mead and roasted pork are served exclusively by coked out, horny magical girls. His girls are hot, his ahegao is superb, he pioneered the “Precures on drugs” subgenre, and I’m pretty sure that nobody alive can illustrate a drug-induced epileptic fit as well as he can.

Bravo, maestro!

Victim Girls 14 – Sleeping Beauties


Let’s face it, none of you seriously believed that a mind break doujin showcase could possibly skip motherfucking Fatalpulse. Right? Right. Now, in this comic, the bitches from SAO (shit anime, btw, tbh onii-fam) are being used as flesh dolls while their minds are in the virtual world. Every so often, though, the battery on their VR helmets or whatever fails and turns one of them into a brain-dead retard, at which point the scientists in charge just chop off their limbs and turn them into portable flesh dolls. So, standard Fatalpulse mind break. Pretty good.

This is the dawn of a new age.


I have trouble achieving orgasm without Fatalpulse’s art. When the recession struck and Fatalpulse found himself in financial trouble, I sold my spleen and both kidneys to buy each of his doujins a hundred thousand times over, making him a millionaire. I am now hooked to an IV and a dialysis machine as well as permanently in danger of sudden, painful death, but at least my boner is always rock hard.

If watching one of Fatalpulse’s girls get fucked to brain death doesn’t excite you, I just don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Princess of Darkness


“What, another Maeshima Ryou doujin?” Yes, another Maeshima Ryou doujin, and you better fucking like it. This particular piece of mind break classical art is just too good to pass up. Much like the other Precure doujin, this involves magical girls getting drugged out of their minds, and it’s fantastic. The basic plot is familiar – Towa wants to learn how to make a beautiful smile, so Kirara gets her hooked on hard drugs and whores Towa and herself out to her dealer. Perfectly logical!

This is how she gets right after getting injected. Now just wait until you see what she does when the drugs really kick in!


You know, I’m supposed to say something insightful here, but the more I write the more I start to think that pictures really are worth a thousand words, particularly when they’re about a sexy magical girl choking another sexy magical girl to death while orgasming from a hormonal apocalypse courtesy of the cocktail of hard drugs she injected into herself. I mean, holy shit. Look at this.

Haha, told ya!

And there you have it. Some of the best in mind break, courtesy of yours truly. Now, with this article out of the way, and having pointed you in the right direction, what the hell are you still doing here? Go forth, and read every single Maeshima Ryou doujin you can get your grubby paws on. It’ll be more than worth it, trust me.

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