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If you’ve at all been paying attention to the sage wisdom I deign to deliver to the masses in these occasional gems some call “articles” (I call them works of art, myself), you’ll know that I’m a huge proponent of there being only four adjectives with which to describe women – ‘naked’, ‘barefoot’, ‘in the kitchen’, and most important of all, ‘pregnant’.

I place a lot of weight on that last adjective, dear readers. After all, enlightened connoisseurs such as my regular audience must be composed of (if not, seriously, get out, you don’t deserve me) know firsthand that women literally do almost nothing better than men. Hell, men are even better at cooking, which you’d think girls would be good at considering all the time they spend in the kitchen. Still, there is one thing girls are useful for (besides having sex with and making sandwiches), and that’s getting knocked up.

Over. And over. And over. Again.

Face it, there’s nothing quite better than putting some buns in a girl’s oven. To see a woman’s womb put to work for the future of humanity reminds a cultured man of a better, nicer time, back before when God’s law ruled and bitches weren’t allowed to speak without permission.

But, we’ve had this talk before, haven’t we my friends? With the olden times gone, there’s really nothing to do but enjoy the present, which, for all its flaws, does include a lot of Chinese comics where chicks get raw dog raped and suffer the delicious impregnating consequences of seducing men with their bodies.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Nozarashi and Akigami Satoru: “Aneliya’s Endless Rape”

Endless. Rape. Right up my alley.

The setting. Some podunk fantasy kingdom. The plot. A snotty princess doesn’t want to get married but is forced into. She plots to murder her new husband, but as befits her tiny woman brain, she is outsmarted and bound with magic. The result? Impregnation, as her new husband decides to use her as a breeding sow to further his royal line. At some point, he also enslaves and impregnates her mother and her maid, culminating in a huge orgy of pregnant sex.

“A paean to feminine fertility”, in four acts.

Yojouhan Shoubu: “Mother’s Day and Daughter’s Day”

There’s not a red-blooded man alive who hasn’t fantasized about something along these lines. Maybe not with the rape, but certainly with an older woman and her daughter.

Impregnation, this time in full color! A man accepts sex instead of money to settle a debt owed to him by a sexy, recently widowed MILF in her 30s. This predictably evolves into a cordial relationship where money for groceries is frequently exchanged for sexual favors. Instead of doing the civilized thing and enjoying what he has, however, our protagonist can’t help but be seduced by the sexy little body of the MILF’s daughter, so he puts her in her place by raping her. Now, having turned a somewhat immoral adult relationship into a full-on criminal ordeal, he has no way to keep his secret from leaking out than enslaving both mother and daughter and turning them into his personal breeding sows.

It’s exactly as fantastic as it sounds.

Ambition will be this man’s undoing. But with bodies like that on display, who can blame him?

Yaburi Dokoro: “The Raping, Impregnating, and POPPING of Kogasa-chan’s Cherry Book”

The title is, as the cover should indicate, a fantastically accurate description of the content.

Because our Chinese comics would never lie, we all know 2hus are literally made for rape and impregnation, and Kogasa is literally no different. Her one outstanding feature, however, is that she takes responsibility for seducing this comic’s protagonist with her tight, sexy little body and bears his child like a good woman should. And why wouldn’t she? It’s pretty clear from the obscene slut faces she makes that she loves getting plowed and cum inside of.

Show no sympathy. Not only was this whore asking for it; she grew to greatly enjoy it.

Marui Maru: “Mating Inferno”

If this is what Hell is like, I’m ending the article here and finding a nice cliff to leap off of. Later, nerds.

Marui Maru is fantastic. Somehow, his years of practice at drawing the female form have culminated in all his girls having this curvy, chubby softness that is essential to fertile femininity. Moreover, there’s not a single chick in any of his comics who doesn’t want to have bareback sex as many times as it takes for her to get knocked up. They all desire impregnation, even if it makes no sense in the context of the plot. Truly, he is a classical hero of Western Civilization, doing his best to hold back the tide of darkness with a wall of firm-yet-soft 2D breasts.

This doujin is no exception, featuring our protagonist kidnapped by a band of incredibly sexy demon girls who want nothing more than to take some spunk inside and get pregnant, with no other plot than that. So heed this beautiful message, my readers, and go forth to make babies.

All the babies.

And there you have it. A sampler of the best in impregnation, with a good side of brutal rape because, well, I can’t help myself on some days. I hope you enjoy this selection, and stay tuned for more exploration into the beautiful world of Chinese pornographic content delivery systems (i.e. comics and cartoons).

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