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Yandere Simulator July Progress Report

The July progress report for Yandere Simulator is here, which means there’s a new build available for you to try out. This latest release has new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Earlier this month, we brought you news that the Yandere Simulator website had finally gone live. This unsurprisingly took up a lot of YandereDev’s time, and he stated that there may not be a big new feature release this month.

In spite of that, this month’s progress report still has a fair bit to offer to fans, including some brand-new mechanics.

This new mechanic doesn’t have a specific name, so we’ll be referring to it as the “loved one system”. Ordinarily, when someone witnesses you attack an NPC, they will perform what’s known as the “social butterfly” animation set. From this new update and on, however, the “loved one system” will incorporate a new check that occurs when the witness is related to the victim.

If the witness is a family member or lover of the deceased, this new system will kick in, resulting in an abnormal reaction from them. This usually means they will attack you themselves to avenge the fallen, with one caveat.

Up ’til now, only “Heroic” students would attempt this, but as of the new system, “loved ones” will gain a sudden rush of strength. This means that even characters with next to no strength, such as the Basu sisters, will have their stats boosted to maximum. This will make it a lot harder to overcome their newfound rage, and will often result in a game over.

It’s added a new challenge to the game, and while it’s not as big as some other updates, it should hopefully keep fans happy until August. There’s also a rather interesting new “corpse disposal system”, so be sure to watch the update video and find out. If you want to see what else has changed, you can find the list below, along with YandereDev’s video on the release.

Additions / Changes / Improvements

- ♡If you kill one Basu sister but let the other live, the surviving sister will perform a mourning animation on the school rooftop instead of performing the normal “social butterfly” animation set.

- ♡If two NPCs have a special relationship (lovers, family members) and you kill one of those NPCs in front of the other, the surviving NPC will attack you like a Heroic student would.

- ♡Mind-broken slaves will now spawn to the right of the school gate, behind some bushes, to provide an explanation as to why the gym teacher and other students don’t notice them.

- ♡New corpse disposal system allows Yandere-chan to kill small animals, burying them with human remains in order to fool police into thinking the grave isn’t what it truly is.

- ♡Optimized numerous scripts in an attempt to improve the framerate. (Does anyone feel like doing a comparison with the last build?)

- ♡Now, whenever the player walks by a room, the name of the room will display in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

- ♡Students now have lockers at different heights, instead of all having their lockers at the exact same height.

- ♡Gave the player the ability to use a shovel to dig a hole in any of the 9 plots in the Gardening Club.

- ♡Oka Ruto will no longer go to the rooftop to spy on the Basu sisters if the Basu sisters are dead.

- ♡Replaced the old Senpai Shrine model with a new one, and added more items to the Senpai Shrine.

- ♡Gave the player the ability to fill up a hole that has been dug in the Gardening Club.

- ♡Replaced the voiced lines in Saki and Kokona’s Monday rooftop conversation.

- ♡Implemented a much better “peek around corner” animation for Oka Ruto.

- ♡Gave the player the ability to bury a corpse in the Gardening Club.

- ♡Implemented a better walk animation for mind-broken slaves.

- ♡Added 1 new accessory and 1 new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

- ♡Implemented 9 garden plots inside of the Gardening Club.

- ♡Implemented a new murder-suicide animation.

- ♡Updated the nurse’s character model.

- ♡Improved Ebola-chan’s face texture.

For more on this month’s Yandere Simulator, you can find all the details on the dev blog, which includes a list of bug fixes.

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