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Capcom Designates "Hot Ryu" as Official

Capcom has designated Ryu’s “Battle Costume” in Street Fighter V as “Hot Ryu” in an official capacity, which means the name will be appearing on things like merchandise in future.

There’s a strange phenomenon in the world right now. What was often solely reserved for the weird and wonderful among us, “memes” have all but taken over mainstream media. The phenomenon, for lack of a better understanding, has essentially made reality indistinguishable from an internet forum.

If you visit Twitter, you’ll see anyone from multinational corporations to US presidential candidates spouting them. It’s almost become a joke in and of itself. So, would you be surprised to hear that Capcom has adopted one of them as their own?

Street Fighter fans may have heard of “Hot Ryu”. Hot Ryu first came to be when Capcom introduced an alternate costume for their famed fighter in preparation for the then-upcoming Street Fighter V. The costume, originally known as “Battle Costume Ryu”, offered up an alternate rendition of the character, which arguably made him a lot more attractive. Shirtless, muscular and bearded, Hot Ryu solidified itself in the Street Fighter vernacular in a short space of time.

What started as nothing more than a casual nickname has now become something more. According to a few sources around the web, Hot Ryu has been given official ascent.



These tweets, by Yoshinori Ono himself no less, showcase the first use of the term in an official capacity.

This certainly isn’t the first time (and probably won’t be the last) that we’ve seen of this kind of thing. Hopefully, this playful take on Ryu’s sex appeal means Capcom have turned a new leaf, and won’t be so quick to censor in future. It’s hard to say however, as their track record isn’t stellar, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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