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Nutaku Partners with Kimochi To Develop “Steam for Adult Games”

Adult gaming platform Nutaku has partnered up with Kimochi to create an adult Steam-like application for all of the site’s users and fans of erotic gaming.

We have learned that the adult gaming platform Nutaku, known for bringing over erotic Japanese free-to-play titles, has started a partnership with the developers responsible for creating the now defunct erotic games store Kimochi. With accessibility in mind, the platform is planning on reintroducing the software client previously used by Kimochi, integrating it into their own platform to make the distribution of adult games much more convenient.

Find out more about the adult gaming platform’s plans to create a Steam-like application for adults in their press release below.

Montreal – July 21st, 2016 – Adult game publisher Nutaku announced today a new partnership with Kimochi, creators of a Steam-like downloadable client dedicated to the distribution of 18+ games. The Kimochi client, originally scheduled for shutdown, will now continue operations indefinitely and begin integration into the Nutaku games network.

“Kimochi’s streamlined distribution services and Nutaku’s extensive catalogue of adult games are a natural fit for each other,” commented Nutaku spokesperson Robert Mann. “This partnership will allow us to begin building a true censorship-free marketplace, delivering quality adult games with the same ease and reliability consumers find on mainstream services.”

Download the client here: https://launcher.kimochi.co/NutakuLauncher.exe

As part of the new initiative, the Kimochi client will now be rebranded as the Nutaku Store. Payment options will be expanded to include additional processors such as Paypal, and Nutaku users will now have access to the broad selection of free adult games and demos originally offered on Kimochi. Nutaku will also begin offering adult versions of popular Steam titles, including recent releases such as Sakura Dungeon and Summer Fling.

The Nutaku Store represents the most recent effort by Nutaku to build up the adult gaming market, a field which has grown considerably since the release of their portal last year. Boasting over 13 million monthly visitors, Nutaku.net is the largest adult-gaming site on the web, selling both localized Japanese titles and projects from western indie developers.

Nutaku.net is the largest English-language adult gaming portal on the web, featuring both online and downloadable adult games. Created in 2015, Nutaku assists developers with hosting and monetizing their products for English-speaking players, allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

Robert Mann of Nutaku has also disclosed a few features of this new platform over on their blog.

For Nutaku players, that means you’ll soon have a central place to organize your games and browse new titles. You’ll also be able to check out new projects being offered by Patreon developers and show them your support. You’ll also be able to play our web games directly in the client, and we will never be forced to retire a game due to its software (flash) no longer being supported. Eventually, you’ll no longer need to worry about downloading the latest builds or patches: updates will be automatic.

For Kimochi fans, your current games library will remain untouched. You’ll see an injection of fresh new titles available for sale as Nutaku’s games library is integrated, along with a new section for free online games. You’ll also enjoy a greatly expanded list of payment options for buying games, including Paypal.

At the moment, the project is in its very early stages. Our first priority will be to allow download of the client through Nutaku.net. After, we’ll integrate Nutaku’s games and payment services directly into the client to allow game purchases. In the meantime, however, you can check out the 50+ games and demos from the most talented adult indie developers, all available for free.

To learn more about Nutaku’s decision to partner up with Kimochi, be sure to read the full blog post on the platform’s website. LewdGamer is immensely interested to see how this new platform will take off and how far it can go in spreading all the benefits and pleasures of adult-oriented gaming.

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