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Nutaku Partners with Kimochi To Develop “Steam for Adult Games”

Adult gaming platform Nutaku has partnered up with Kimochi to create an adult Steam-like application for all of the site’s users and fans of erotic gaming.

We have learned that the adult gaming platform Nutaku, known for bringing over erotic Japanese free-to-play titles, has started a partnership with the developers responsible for creating the now defunct erotic games store Kimochi. With accessibility in mind, the platform is planning on reintroducing the software client previously used by Kimochi, integrating it into their own platform to make the distribution of adult games much more convenient.

Find out more about the adult gaming platform’s plans to create a Steam-like application for adults in their press release below.

Montreal – July 21st, 2016 – Adult game publisher Nutaku announced today a new partnership with Kimochi, creators of a Steam-like downloadable client dedicated to the distribution of 18+ games. The Kimochi client, originally scheduled for shutdown, will now continue operations indefinitely and begin integration into the Nutaku games network.

“Kimochi’s streamlined distribution services and Nutaku’s extensive catalogue of adult games are a natural fit for each other,” commented Nutaku spokesperson Robert Mann. “This partnership will allow us to begin building a true censorship-free marketplace, delivering quality adult games with the same ease and reliability consumers find on mainstream services.”

Download the client here:

As part of the new initiative, the Kimochi client will now be rebranded as the Nutaku Store. Payment options will be expanded to include additional processors such as Paypal, and Nutaku users will now have access to the broad selection of free adult games and demos originally offered on Kimochi. Nutaku will also begin offering adult versions of popular Steam titles, including recent releases such as Sakura Dungeon and Summer Fling.

The Nutaku Store represents the most recent effort by Nutaku to build up the adult gaming market, a field which has grown considerably since the release of their portal last year. Boasting over 13 million monthly visitors, is the largest adult-gaming site on the web, selling both localized Japanese titles and projects from western indie developers. is the largest English-language adult gaming portal on the web, featuring both online and downloadable adult games. Created in 2015, Nutaku assists developers with hosting and monetizing their products for English-speaking players, allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

Robert Mann of Nutaku has also disclosed a few features of this new platform over on their blog.

For Nutaku players, that means you’ll soon have a central place to organize your games and browse new titles. You’ll also be able to check out new projects being offered by Patreon developers and show them your support. You’ll also be able to play our web games directly in the client, and we will never be forced to retire a game due to its software (flash) no longer being supported. Eventually, you’ll no longer need to worry about downloading the latest builds or patches: updates will be automatic.

For Kimochi fans, your current games library will remain untouched. You’ll see an injection of fresh new titles available for sale as Nutaku’s games library is integrated, along with a new section for free online games. You’ll also enjoy a greatly expanded list of payment options for buying games, including Paypal.

At the moment, the project is in its very early stages. Our first priority will be to allow download of the client through After, we’ll integrate Nutaku’s games and payment services directly into the client to allow game purchases. In the meantime, however, you can check out the 50+ games and demos from the most talented adult indie developers, all available for free.

To learn more about Nutaku’s decision to partner up with Kimochi, be sure to read the full blog post on the platform’s website. LewdGamer is immensely interested to see how this new platform will take off and how far it can go in spreading all the benefits and pleasures of adult-oriented gaming.

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  • FelliVox

    I’m assuming that it will double as a sort of DRM, the same way Steam does. But at least it’s an advancement over having to buy your games across different platforms.

    It will be even better if all the 18+ games that got cut down to be able to be on Steam are released on this new platform in their original form. I really hate it where content is censored and cut out, like what happened in the Grisaia series.

    • Antonio

      “Original form”? that means with adult content censored, and we want uncensored games, that means better versions.

      • FelliVox

        I meant the original uncut version. Uncensored is best, right, but I’m more concerned about content being cut entirely out of the game, which this platform will be a solution for.

  • Redscizor

    I want this new services, I hate order my downloads and update allways, I dont have problem with steam drm
    But steam is more cheap in my country

  • Jonathan Litwinka

    My only problem is that this is like the 3rd time a service has launched and they all seem to collapse fairly shortly.

    • Antonio

      Now a big company is behind, it can make all the difference.

  • FelliVox

    I just downloaded it and tried it. It really is in it’s early stages, but at least they have a sort of road map and it seems promising. But what would make it or break it are the games available on the platform. They can have the best platform but they have to realize that people use steam not just because it’s a good platform (mostly) but because it’s filled with games and it’s easy to acquire them.

    Indie games are all well and good, but the meat of the revenue for Nutaku and Kimochi would be the uncensored versions of the games on Steam. Since it is being advertised as the “Steam for Adult Games”, people seeking the uncensored version of the game they saw on steam will go to this platform to obtain it. They will really fail if the platform doesn’t have the original uncut versions of the Steam games.

    • Antonio

      That wouldn’d be so hard to do. The games on steam doesn’t have exclusivity contract, so it can be found in physical copies for example, or in consoles. So it wouldn’t be hard to convince the developers to asign contract with Nutaku to post their products there, and about the censorship, there is no reason to have, on Steam, is about Staem rules, but Nutaku has no such rules, and western countries also don’t have so, there is nothing stooping them.

      • Nin

        There was a lot of controversy about Nutaku censoring or modifying loli in its browser games. While I’m grateful that nutaku doesn’t plan to censor 3rd party games or any VNs it may localize, that means rules will be in place on what Nutaku will allow on the store.

        • Antonio

          Loli is about the laws of the countries. Some of them consider it child porn even on 2D drawings. Not that I care, not my cup of tea, but even I being against any kind censorship, I don’t see that much of problem in giving up only one kind of content among of so many the adult community have, especially one that doesn’t have that much of fans.

          • FelliVox

            There are a lot of lolicons out there, not as niche as it seems, just less outspoken. And I hate those child porn laws, they make no sense. Just because I like small bodies or flat chests doesn’t mean I’m a pedophile nor am I going to go out and rape children.

            But this is even more idiotic. It’s just drawings. Imaginary characters. Art. Real nonconsensual child porn has to be illegal, yes, but why should art be censored? No people are harmed by it (unless it’s those same people that get offended by fucking everything) and it may even satiate real pedophiles into not attacking children.

          • Antonio

            While I agree that it is possible that the kind of porn they want satiate them, preventing them for doing it in real life, society doesn’t see it that way, they see it as an incentive to make it. And pedophilia in real life is bad, no matter the circunstances, and scares people.

            While I would preffer a world without any kind censorship, in which everybody consumes what they wants, without the govenment or society forbiding them, Damn, I even against the +18 for any sexual content (I think some of them, the considered normal one, should be for everyone). I think it takes time to convince the people that it doesn’t have problem or concequences to the society let people consume what they want unless there are uncontestable scientific prooves against something,

          • FelliVox

            “Society” is always the problem when it comes to niche stuff, since “society” refers to a group of people, when you think something different from the rest of people then you are wrong. And that’s why people that think differently still play up to the ideals of “society” and keep their thoughts private, scared of what “society” might think of them, even when it’s not even something wrong, which increases the power “society” has over the individual. I know it’s practically impossible to escape “society’s trap”, but it sure makes me mad as an individual.

          • Derp Minos

            So because it’s not your cup of tea it’s ok to censor it? Wow. I’m sorry but no it’s not ok. But we will see what Nutaku does (considering they supposedly started uncensoring lolis), but there’s no way I’m going to support a store that does not accept loli content.

          • Antonio

            I didn’t say that. the fact it isn’t my cup of tea is a coincidence. What I eant wat that it is only one kind against so many that are out there, and one that isn’t even that popular (at least that I can see)

          • Malamasala

            Canadian law is a joke. It outlaws people below age 18 in porn. Since you can’t prove age of cartoons, it is just about what people think.

            If I lived in Canada I could send Nutaku to court for every single game they own, and the court would have to sit there and go “Ok, this character is an adult, next!” and go through all available characters on Nutaku.

            Meanwhile Nutaku would be forbidden to have their store open. I would wager that would be like 1 week to 1 month closed. Just because I called the cops on them and they have to do forensic science on cartoons.

          • Antonio

            That is law interpretation. Depends on the judge and not the country. Usually the only thing forbidden are characters that are visually underage, AKA Loli.

  • Vaen Dryl

    would be nice if they also partnered with mangagamer. their storefront SUCKS but they have some good stuff.

    • Nin

      They did. I think they got Dengeki Stryker and something else.

      • FelliVox

        What do you mean “too hardcore”. If they reject any type of game for being “too hardcore” or “inappropriate” then they will fail completely as the “Steam for Adult Games”.

        The whole point of the “Steam for Adult Games” is that the games will be uncut (uncensored or not), with the complete adult content regardless of the type it is.

        • Antonio

          At least may they put big warnings about the hardcore content. I am not against things being avaliable, but I do am against not warning people what they may see in it.

        • Nin

          Unfortunately, Montreal is in Canada, so Nutaku is bound to draconian Canadian laws.

          This means that if Nutaku does become popular enough, the gap in profits between mainstream eroge and extreme eroge will widen, causing companies to lean towards localizing and making content that is allowed in the Nutaku store.

          I can’t really blame Nutaku for this, anymore than I can blame Steam for not having eroge. It’s not enough of an issue for me to avoid using Nutaku, but I can understand if that’s a dealbreaker. Even if I use Nutaku, I’ll probably keep buying directly from the creator’s wevsite whenever possible like what I’ve always done.

          • FelliVox

            So if it happens, it will be because of Canadian laws, huh. I really hate restrictive law mentalities like that. People come across hardcore content because they search for it. It’s not like you search “WWII history” and Google goes “Never mind that! Have some euphoria!”.

          • Dave6487

            I live in Canada and I don’t really know what law(s) you are referring to.

            We do have a “corruption of public morals” law, but that is practically unenforceable. I seriously doubt it would hold up against a supreme court if it ever came to that.

            The only other case I can think of, is the guy in Alberta that had the “lolicon” manga. But from what I read up he just gave up without a fight, so of course he lost.

  • Antonio

    That is great news. With a true adult platform, that already have many good games as Nutaku, as well their funds, it will be a good competition to steam, that probably will keep their puritan rules and keep the games censored as Nutaku gets its slice of the pie. If everything goes well, soon, this can be the Steam for adult games.

  • BuzzardZ

    Played some HDOOM yesterday! 😀 I look forward to seeing more titles come to this platform.

  • Bailey NaGeL

    Yaaay Kimochi is comming back!

    …with Nutaku.. Oh god…

    Oy vey…at least Kimoch is is back with its own Community right?

  • EroBotan

    i wonder is my game is still in there? if it did i might need to contact them for update.

  • Atmey

    Wish dlsite also pitches into this, but good start nonetheless.

  • Dave6487


    Great news!

  • Lawelite

    I can already tell this service is going to be dead on arrival. Just gonna wait until its completely flooded with nothing but patreon demos. Thats when you know its done for.

  • edwards21

    I’m all for this. Nutaku for better or worse has both the player base and the company profile to make a stab at a client based adult games platform. They’ve done great business with their browser games, they’re starting to do good business with their marketplace, this honestly seems like a logical extension.

    I hope they can make it work. The sooner adult games get a larger stable presence, the sooner its players will have a larger voice, and the sooner higher quality (read: uncensored) games will make their way to the marketplace.

  • monkeysrumble

    If they manage to get the big publishers to publish their 18+ version VN’s on the platform then it would be great. If they don’t then it will just be over saturated with crap.

  • Malamasala

    If the platform will host loli games, I will accept it. I have no interest in a fake adult store that censors games in a worse way than Steam. (It is acceptable to claim you want to sell games to kids, it is not acceptable to say you want to sell games to adults and then ban adult games)

  • Sanger Zonvolt

    just downloaded the newest update for the launcher and all of the free Kimochi games are gone! I emailed Nutaku 2 days ago and haven’t received a response. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • DarthXelleon

    So, Nutaku took over and now all of Kimochi’s stuff is gone? Not good.