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Yandere Simulator's Official Website is Here

Along with a bunch of other stuff

The official website for Yandere Simulator is finally operational. The announcement was made by the developer this week, along with a brand new game launcher.

It’s nice to have a number of announcements all at once; it means less articles to write. It’s a bit difficult for the title though, since you’ve got to pick just one of them to make it fit. Rest assured, however, there’s more than meets the eye.

Announced yesterday, YandereDev has just opened up a brand new website for Yandere Simulator. Located at the rather obvious domain,, the new site is still partially under construction. However, there’s still a lot to see with a number of pages for you to visit. Kindly, YandereDev has made a lovely video to provide visitors with a quick tour. Check it out below.

Along with the new site, YandereDev also had some more announcements to make.

A bundle deal of sorts, Yandere Simulator now has a brand new game launcher, along with an update to go with it. This is to partially give the launcher something to do, as without an update it wouldn’t be too useful. Take a peek below for a quick video on the launcher, as well as a list of changes for the latest build.

Change Log

- ♡Attempted to fix bug that would cause a student to get permanently stuck in place if they were looking at a corpse as it was dismembered.

- ♡Replaced the signs outside of classroom doors with new signs that won’t affect the game’s framerate as much as the previous signs did.

- ♡Placed a lot of new signs around the school (bathroom signs, exit signs, fire extinguisher signs, etc).

- ♡Attempted to implement a better “preparing food” animation for Kokona’s Cooking Club event.

- ♡Fixed bug that would cause male corpses to turn white upon being dismembered.

- ♡Improved the Kokona Monday phone call animation a bit further.

- ♡Replaced Ronshaku’s old voiced lines with new voiced lines.

- ♡Added 4 new accessories for Yandere-chan. One of them has functionality…can you figure out how to activate it?

- ♡Added a new weapon to the game. It’s a joke weapon / gag weapon.

- ♡Added 5 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.

That’s a lot of excitement for a single day. To balance that out a little, YandereDev hasn’t been able to implement any huge gameplay changes like he ordinarily would.

“Right now, there are still a lot of bugs I want to fix, volunteer assets I want to implement, and code improvements that I want to make. I may choose to spend the rest of the month getting all that stuff out of the way, and begin working on the next big feature starting on August 1st.”

While the wait may be painful for some, YandereDev could be releasing some smaller updates through the rest of the month. There’s a potential for the “sanity system” to be implemented, but this is a fairly big undertaking. Regardless, fans of Yandere Simulator should be able to rest easy this month, as they’ve just found the perfect homepage for their browser.

If you want to find out more, check out the latest blog post for these announcements. The developer has also asked fans to provide feedback via a poll, so be sure to let him know how he’s doing.

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