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Patreon Enables PayPal Processing for Adult Creators

Patreon has just made a move to allow users to contribute to adult creators with PayPal processing. This comes after PayPal originally pressured the company into refusing adult pages access.

PayPal is confusing.

Around a month ago, we were due to release an article on the financial processing giant. It’s still sitting there on our server, practically ready to go. We were going to discuss a recent development that surfaced on Twitter; PayPal had allegedly set up a honeypot to catch adult creators out.

After doing some research and speaking with multiple sources, our findings were inconclusive. Not wanting to publish something without proper verification, we moved on. It’s important to understand that it seems increasingly more complicated when it comes to PayPal’s stance on adult material, and we just can’t tell what’s true.

It’s even more complicated then when you learn that Patreon has just made a deal with the group. As of right now, you’ll be able to contribute to your favorite adult creators via PayPal.

If you’ve pledged to any non-adult Patreons you’ve already been able to do this for a long time. Originally, there were no regulations around it. PayPal eventually caught wind however, and pressured Patreon into removing the option for certain pages. That lines up with the “anti-porn” stance we have of PayPal, but that’s not absolute anymore.

This is a pretty big deal. Many people like to use PayPal online due to its added layer of security. You don’t have to give your bank details to multiple sites, and you can consolidate all your purchases in one place. It will probably make things easier for Patreon users, who can now pledge to their favourite content creators easily.

So, how did this happen? According to a statement by Patreon, the group was able to put pressure on PayPal; more specifically their subsidiary, Braintree. Patreon seemingly managed to convince the financial behemoth that adult creators were “not a serious risk”.

Check out the full release below, which has all the details. We can personally verify that this is valid.

We are pleased to announce that starting today, creators with the Adult Content flag can accept payments from Patrons using PayPal!For creators that have been with us for a while, you may remember that we used to allow this functionality in the past, and we only removed it after PayPal threatened to stop all payments to Patreon. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in the payments industry, both because payments for adult content are subject to a higher rate of chargebacks, and because of an aversion to the content itself among some payment processors.

After many long discussions we were able to convince PayPal, or more specifically their subsidiary Braintree, that Adult Content creators on Patreon are not a serious risk. Our content policy, and the nature of subscription payments, means that Adult Content creators on Patreon are less risky than most creators making adult content. We also have a very diverse mix of content types, so even if our Adult Content creators are higher risk than other types of creators, Patreon as a whole is less risky.

We are very happy about this victory, but the payment industry does not provide much transparency around payments for adult content. As a company we are not happy with this lack of transparency since it impacts the livelihoods of Adult Content creators. We will continue to work towards more certainty around these issues, but for now we feel that the benefit of allowing PayPal payments for Adult Content creators outweighs any hypothetical risk that it may change in the future.”

This probably won’t change PayPal’s mind wholesale. Adult orientated businesses are still considered “high risk”, as mentioned in the statement, due to the potential instability of payments. Adult sites often have a lot of contested charges, like that suspicious charge on a joint bank account, followed by an “it must be fraud” moment.

Flexing Patreon logo by Edowaado

If you’re a content creator on Patreon, be sure to check your email for additional confirmation.

People are still a little wary of this, and understandably so, but from here things seem above board. Only time will tell how things progress, but for now, enjoy the new method of pledging support. Don’t forget to scratch your head in bewilderment as you try to understand PayPal’s stance on adult content.

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