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Everything was lost. Her troops, her friends, and her enemies had all been killed by the order of the Noxian General Sulla. Singed’s chemicals devastated the entire battlefield, both allies and enemies. At this point, they were just mindlessly killing Ionians. With nothing left to live for except revenge, Riven followed her former general to the small town of Castrum, but immediately falls prey to one of the powerful lust creatures on the outskirts of the town. Thankfully, she is rescued and wakes up in a small, squalid home.

Much like various other RPGs, Noxian Nights starts you off by having you fight a horrifically powerful monster which you have no chance of defeating. Afterward, you’re rescued by a simple townsman and your journey begins. The list of strict similarities to conventional RPGs is quite short, which is a wonderful sight for sore eyes. Having been created in RPG Maker, Noxian Nights could’ve easily fallen into the trap of being yet another unimaginative RPG. Many of the user-created RPGs that I’ve seen only feature a combat system that’s been done before, with nothing to do aside from said combat. Thankfully, Hreinn Games had a bit more sense and skill than most and developed a game with a bit of originality.

Despite being limited by the capabilities of RPG Maker, Noxian Nights offers gameplay that is very well done and well-thought-out, both in and out of combat. Inside of combat, each of your team members’ abilities and resource bar stays as true to League of Legends as they can, with Riven’s abilities costing nothing while being limited by (rather generous) cooldowns. The effects these abilities have transfer over into the RPG format quite well, with nothing feeling “off” about the characters. The purchasable items in the game are pretty par for the course in RPGs, and nothing like those in League, with each item buffing a few stats and/or giving status effect resistances, but offering no special or unique abilities.

9/10 top laners agree, “The slut deserves it!”

Leveling up in Noxian Nights feels as good as leveling up should in an RPG, with your stats noticeably rising and new abilities being unlocked just often enough to really solidify the feeling of your power is growing. You aren’t capped at level 18, and the levels at which you get abilities don’t correlate at all with the source material. At first, gaining experience and leveling up can be quite the challenge, but it becomes more of a grind later in the game as you get a full team that can easily lock down and stomp any normal enemies. Thankfully, the game is so well-paced and balanced that I never really felt the need to grind out levels to get through the next area. That’s not to say, however, that fighting becomes a more of a nuisance than anything once you reach a high level, as there are many optional bosses around. These bosses are best likened to any optional bosses in the Dark Souls franchise: out of the way, immensely powerful, but incredibly rewarding if you manage to defeat them.

Outside of combat, Noxian Nights manages to keep things interesting in a variety of ways. There’s a multitude of side quests for you to discover and complete to get a good chunk gold and/or experience. Later on, these quests give special, powerful items that prove to be quite worth the trouble of acquiring them. The entirety of the main story revolves around the town of Castrum, so there is no overworld to explore, which means you’ll be revisiting the same areas over and over. The main quest line is pretty straightforward in telling you what you have to do, but there is no quest log for you to check, so make sure to bring your reading glasses. You have no real way of reviewing where you are in the story, and no one is going to remind you of where to go or what to do, which makes it pretty easy to get stuck without a clue. If this does happen, all you need to do is walk around and talk to literally everyone, both during the day and at night, and you’ll quickly find out how to advance the story. If this makes you groan with extreme exasperation, don’t worry, because the world is small enough that this will only take a few minutes to do.

I knew that tail was a plug.

Noxian Nights features only a few members of the League cast, with Riven being the main character, Irelia and Katarina becoming two of your party members, and LeBlanc playing a big role in the story. Others are mentioned throughout the game, such as Singed in the opening monologue, but never make an appearance.

So, what about the juicy stuff? Well, Noxian Nights spreads a generous number of well-drawn and varied H-scenes throughout the game, featuring every member of the cast. There’s plenty of straight scenes, lesbian scenes, scenes with multiples of both sexes, and some more fetish-oriented scenes with monsters and various beasts. Access to some of these scenes require the player to be in the right place at the right time, possess a certain item, or have a certain amount of Lust. Riven’s Lust grows throughout the game when she does something slutty, allowing her to do sluttier actions the higher her Lust. One would expect that raising Lust too high would have adverse effects, or possibly lead to a bad end, but that’s not the case in Noxian Nights. It’s nice to finally see a naughty game where the player isn’t punished for choosing to be as big of a slut as he/she wants.

Being a powerful mage has its perks.

All of the art in the game (barring H-scenes) consists of assets from RPG Maker, so don’t expect any eye candy outside of the many H-scenes. They are very well done, with all the women sporting incredible bodies. The cast is somehow able to have glistening, supple bodies that are also incredibly fit, not that anyone is complaining. The game is also set to an incredibly low static resolution, so expect a huge, in-your-face full-screen mode or a tiny, hard-to-read window. This actually really negatively affects the game because the small resolution forces some of the scenes to be at the strangest of angles. The sound is essentially the same with the game using many RPG Maker sounds, except there was no sound created specifically for H-scenes. Sorry audiophiles, but throughout every instance of Riven giving a blowjob or getting spanked, all you have to listen to is an upbeat marching tune on repeat.

The game has a good amount of content, taking me about six and a half hours to get through an entire playthrough. I didn’t do everyone everything there was in the game but did manage to see most of the content. I unlocked only three of the five endings available without using the guide, so there’s a bit of replayability for those who like to see everything a game has to offer. After beating the game, you’re given a gallery (which every sex game should have) for you to peruse. You’re given every H-scene in the game whether or not you saw it in your playthrough; however, if you lose to the final boss (but not the final final boss), you get to play a fun minigame where you train Riven as a slave. It’s slow starting off but took me only a little over an hour to get through. The minigame is almost entirely fetish content with a big emphasis on BDSM (duh) and monsters. In both the main game and the mini game, Hreinn Games doesn’t skip over opportunities to add in a bit of humor, greatly adding to the game as a whole.

One thing to keep in mind while playing Noxian Nights is that the game does have a few special controls, which are listed in a text file in the same folder as the game. The only important controls to keep in mind are Q, which toggles Riven’s model on/off on the side of the screen, and CTRL, which toggles the text box and allows for you to get a better look at H-scenes. There are a few controls that aren’t specific to Noxian Nights but are still important to know if you who aren’t familiar with RPG Maker; alt-Enter changes from full screen to a window and F1 shows options like whether or not the game starts in full screen.

Overall, Noxian Nights isn’t that bad of a game. All of the stills are well-drawn and well-varied throughout the game, with my only real complaint about the art being that body parts just don’t seem quite right sometimes; an example of this are Riven’s breasts, which are just a bit too big at times. You’re always able to progress as long as you do the short side quests and fight some monsters whenever you get to a new area to keep up on your levels. The amount of content that has specific requirements to see is a minimum, so you won’t feel like you’ve missed out if you play through the game just once. If you love RPG Maker games, you’re going to have a blast, as this is one of the better, more well-made ones.

Noxian Nights is available for free download at the developer’s blog . If you want to support Hreinn Games’ two-man team and want to see more stuff by them, check out their Patreon.


  • Gameplay is more robust than standard RPG fare
  • Perfect scaling of power
  • Doesn't penalize you for being a total slut
  • Gallery available at the end


  • Repetitive, upbeat marching tune music that ruins the mood
  • Somewhat easy to get lost or stuck
  • Story has been done a million times before
  • Even MS-DOS has a better resolution
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Art and Graphics
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


Well-drawn stills of your favorite girls from the Rift, with some basic animation with the image alternating between fully in/out.

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