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Most games created with RPG Maker are known for making use of 2D sprite graphics. Sometimes, if the budget goes up, you’ll see somewhat more elaborate drawn art, but it stays entirely in the 2D realm.

Keepin’ It In the Family, by developer Greebo, aims to shake things up by offering an RPG Maker sex sim with highly detailed 3D models used both for character sprites during dialogue and sex scenes.

According to Greebo, Keepin’ It In the Family is simply an unassuming game where

[…]you follow the story of an every-day guy, just living his life that runs into a lot of interesting endeavors.

Of course, this isn’t even the half of it: Though it has a decidedly modern bent for its setting, and the story focuses more than anything on the relationships the player can build with the girls he finds throughout his playthrough, Keepin’ It In the Family still uses the same RPG Maker mechanics we’ve come to know. Throughout the game, the player will be able to undertake “quests” (like stalking cheating boyfriends), collect experience, fight enemies such as bullies and other assorted human waste in turn-based combat, and navigate a detailed 2D overworld.

Within the obvious limits of the RPG Maker engine, the overworld comprises an entire city, with bars, hospitals, schools, houses and even gas stations.

Actually, it’s surprising how much of the typical RPG Maker mechanics continue to make their way here, despite the innovative approach to the graphics that the game’s Patreon banks so much on. Turn-based fights, for example, also use rendered 3D models, but are otherwise not too different from the average fantasy RPG Maker game. Hell, they’re perhaps less engaging, given your character’s status as an ordinary student whose only weapons are his fists and only opponents are typical bullies and high school delinquents.

Your character alternates his punches with girly slaps, which I don’t know whether to find hilarious or embarrassing.

Oddly, in spite of how it surprisingly sticks like glue to RPG Maker basics, Keepin’ It in the Family does innovate, or at the very least shakes things up a bit with its control scheme. Unlike most RPG Maker games, controlled, if you’re luck, with the WASD keys, or, if you’re not, with the arrow keys and some combination Z, X and C, Keepin’ It in the Family uses a mouse control scheme, where a simple click will make your character walk automatically to the intended destination. This may be the game’s way of implementing a “one-handed” mode, but given the fact that you don’t directly control your avatar during the sex scenes, and most of the movement takes place in the decidedly non-erotic urban environment that the protagonist traverses as he goes to and fro, this seems a bit of an odd, potentially unwelcome design choice.

Considering both the limitations of the setting and the engine, there’s a surprising amount of places to visit. This is only half the city.

Speaking of the sex scenes, there’s a lot of them, unsurprisingly. As the protagonist, you can fuck your hot teachers, the local rich kid’s girlfriend, and your own sisters and aunt (thus the title, Keepin’ It in the Family). Considering that the game is still in a relatively early stage of development (version 0.4), players are spoiled with choices. You’re probably wondering how the 3D art works out during the sex scenes; it’s definitely a different experience from the typical 2D RPG Maker H-games, that’s for sure. Besides the many still sex scenes, the developer has been working on adding animated sex scenes into the game; no mean feat, considering the engine. To the developer’s credit, most of the sex scenes find some way or another to tie into quests, the ongoing plot, or both.

There’s no denying that Keepin’ It in the Family is a tad rough around the edges, in the sense that the core of the game is already there, as is a good chunk of the storyline, but several areas are still inaccessible and the bulk of animated sex scenes is yet to be implemented. Still, it’s very much an innovative take on the otherwise very stale RPG Maker model, and that alone grants it some merit, and may perhaps make it worth keeping some of your attention on it to see how it develops. The outlook appears positive, given that Greebo is already receiving substantial Patreon funding. If it interests you, you can check it out here . Greebo’s Patreon includes a link to a playable demo, so you can try before you buy.

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