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[UPDATE] Venture Seas Build One Now Available

Update: As of March 23, the Patreon claim day is moving. Switch stated on her blog

Switch has released the first build for her new title, set in the world of Euphorian Tide, Venture Seas very first progress build has been launched with a quick visual story based run-through.

As of March 20, Switch has released a playable build of her new title, Venture Seas. She informed people that all added content for this last month was created without commissioned help. No money for said commissioning has been claimed as of yet, so the majority of the game assets are more coding based than being visual assets. Switch has included a quick run-through of major features being implemented, but there were many things she could not that she would have liked to, it seems. This was due to the actual in-game systems being mostly “non-visual” in nature.

For those interested in testing out the build of Venture Seas as it currently is, Switch provided a link. It is currently in a .jar format, requiring Java to run, but she assures patrons that future builds will be available in HTML5 as soon as she gets a web-server up and running. Switch also acknowledged that many aspects of the released build are unrefined stating, “the game is still at a very VERY early stage and I feel people need ‘something’ to check out at least once a month.” “Just to clarify, this is merely a ‘progress’ build, it isn’t fun or very playable at this stage until more features are added and refined.”

These build updates will also eventually become private to Patreon supporters once a public demo is created, allowing Patrons to pledge, or remove their pledge based on Venture Seas progress.

Switch also responded to an anonymous fan’s question, stating that she would be adding a “roguish, bisexual male adventurer” to the game. She also clarified that in April, she will be paying others with project funds to help her with Venture Seas. If people think that the people contracted match the art consistently, she will happily commission them. Any volunteers are welcome to send samples of their works to Switch, so she can decide if their style suits the game. She is dedicated to keeping consistency in quality, and offers apologies to anyone who isn’t chosen as a content creator. She wishes to make Venture Seas as good as she can.

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