If you build it, they will cum

Overwhored is another title that possesses a unique view in no small part due to its rather original name. Although this unique view is more apparent when one discusses this game’s development from a passionate Indie developer. This title has been in development for some time, primarily relying on the success similar titles had when utilizing crowdfunding to finance and develop their games. A similar approach has been made in the production of this title, relying on the famous program RPG Maker to lay the groundwork for it.

We pick up this game by looking through the eyes of an immortal antagonist called “The Overmind“ who is revived by followers that remained faithful to their leader through the ages. His attempt in influencing this world in a previous war, through banging and mind controlling women went horribly wrong by the intervention of mighty heroines. This defeat left him weakened, as he had to find various ways to regain his strength in order to access his full power once more. Strength can only be replenished by the power of female orgasms—as this enhances the antagonist’s powers over time. The Overmind uses either hypnosis or mind control to enslave women successfully and fulfill this goal. Women eventually get trapped in the crystals prisons provided for them and this encompasses the game’s overall hypnotic and mind breaking experience. Enslaving women and conquering the world is our goal as we start this quest for power, which will introduce us to different cultures and ways of life. It delivers us some insight into these worlds, taking some time away  for some well deserved serious moments.

However, if anything, hoping for more hardcore themes or a more serious experience will leave you sadly disappointed. The story tries to induce a sense of lighthearted-ness and overall humor in the general story with a decent degree of success. This is mostly apparent in the dialog, showing world domination in a more mischievous tone instead of the cruel tone similar-looking titles try to pertain.

This lighter tone is even obvious in the CG scenes the game contains, portraying a small degree of humor in said scenes. The scenes themselves possess substantial quality, as a difference of style is drawn into the game. This change of style is caused by the amount of freedom the freelance artists possessed, which requires me to give it appropriate credit for using these flexible work methods to their advantage.

Sadly, a lot of content still has to be implemented at the discretion of the developer, so the player might run across content that needs some refinement or is blatantly unfinished. This degree of unfinished content makes it hard to give this game appropriate criticism, but it remains an interesting game that surely is worth checking out.

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