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MangaGamer has announced five new visual novel titles at Anime Expo 2016. LewdGamer takes a look what we can expect from the publisher in the near future.

[Update 07/06/16] During nbkz’s Q&A panel, he announced Minori’s next upcoming title Trinoline, as well his plans to try and have Mangagamer work on localizing the game during its development in order to make it an international release.

At this year’s Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, California, MangaGamer announced five new title acquisitions at their panel, with three being from new developers and two from their current developer partners. The MangaGamer announcements included partnerships with ChuableSoft, Mada Koubou, and Kalmia8. Circus and ClockUp also got some special love with new titles from both visual novel makers.

Fans of boys’ love titles will be immensely happy to see that the popular Hadaka Shitsuji (Naked Butler) game will be receiving the official localization treatment, and otome fans will finally be receiving their first official adult title via Kalmia8’s Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku (Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome), which we previously have done a Hot Release on in the past. Guro fans will be pleased to see that the highly requested Maggot Baits will be hitting Western shores, and for those of you who enjoy some cute, fluffy romance titles will be pleased to see Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki” tte Itte (If You Love Me, Then Say So!) and Dal Segno joining the announcement lineup as well. For your reading pleasure, below you will find more information, trailers, and sample CGs for the newly announced titles.

If You Love Me, Then Say So! (Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki” tte Itte)

“Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki” tte Itte” is about a protagonist that likes gardening and cooking. Souta’s school life suddenly starting getting color after he meets a fairy named QP. Het gets to meet Himekami Ayame, a kind and gentle girl from the same gardening club, as well as his classmate. And his relation with his childhood friend Goshowara Yuuki also takes a turn for the better, although she still likes dirty jokes. Even his former girlfriend Komachi Mahiru makes her reappearance.

Which one will he choose for his confession? And what will she answer..?

Naked Butler (Hadaka Shitsuji)

Maeda Tomoaki is a normal university student who lives in a cosy (small) apartment. He spends his time going to school and working his part-time job and lives a mundane life.

One day, he gets into an argument with an unreasonable customer at the restaurant he is working at when trying to help a waitress working there. He got fired and is now looking for another job. However, almost every job he applied for turns him down. With the last brochure in his hand that reads: “Earn 30,000 Yen per day! A job that anybody can do. Duration: 1 month. You just have to sit there. No gender, age or ability restrictions. Interested parties please come personally at the address below.” It was a simple passage with an address but without a contact name or phone number.

Tomoaki finds it extremely suspicious but is tempted by the 30,000 Yen per day offer. He also hopes to add spice to his ordinary life and finally arrives at the address. It is a very huge mansion and he can’t believe what he hears when he is greeted by a man dressed in a black suit and has a bow-tie.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Master/Goshujin-sama”

The actual master of the house is away for a one-month vacation. The butlers have a great need to do their jobs, that’s why they send out the brochures to look for a master they can serve.

Thus, life at the mansion begins. Tomoaki’s job as a master is to give orders to the butlers. Preparing meals, washing laundry, tidying up, anything that he can think of to let the butlers fulfill their purpose. Tomoaki is also free to go to university and his own apartment. As the terms are too good to be true, Tomoaki is wary that it might be a scheme or conspiracy. He wants to test it by seeing how far the butlers would go to obey his orders. “Bark three times like a dog” , “Help me do my report (homework)”, “Wear a panty thong”, “Lick my boot”, etc.

The butlers would obey him, no matter how absurd or unreasonable the orders are. Soon, Tomoaki’s sleeping sadistic side awakens…

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku)

The protagonist has been all alone since she was little. This is because she’s tall for a girl and she has a nasty look in her eyes. Even though she hasn’t done anything wrong, people around her become afraid…

As she advanced through school, that didn’t change. She accepted the situation and planned to quietly go through her school years until graduation.

However, two men had spotted her.

“She’s the one we’ve been searching for!”

Her height and sharp gaze are seen by the world as fantastic qualities and strengths for a fashion model. The duo, composed of an aspiring producer and designer, was to kick into gear to showcase her talents. They were to transform her; this “raw material”, into a presence that will influence the world…!

…Such was their idealistic tale. But the pessimistic protagonist ran away.

“…I decline.”

In spite of this, the two won’t stop trying to produce her into a model. Even though she refuses, they definitely won’t stop. They won’t stop pushing her into becoming a model.

Their first goal is to shoot a video of her and unveil it all over the world. How will the duo’s transformation of the protagonist change her? What is the future that awaits?

The “Lonely Girl Production Plan” lead by the two handsome, yet disappointing(?) duo now begins!

D.S. -Dal Segno-

The story takes place on a star-shaped island with an everlasting summer and a pleasantly refreshing climate. It’s almost like paradise. An island where everybody can be happy. The protagonist in the story has just transferred to the school on the island. Where shortly after arriving he meets an AI in the shape of a girl named “Ame”. She’s responsible for maintenance of the island, and guides him to the student dorms.

Waiting for him in the dorm and at school are the other 4 heroines in the story. They are all vastly different and include a flawless oujou-sama and a girl stuck in her own childish dreams. Just what kind of happiness is waiting for our protagonist?

Maggot Baits

Jahougai, the Heretical City—

Several years ago, in the city at the heart of Kanto once known as Kajou, a connection formed between this world and an Abyss from whence a vortex of chaotic power swept across the land, unleashing rampant supernatural phenomena and turning the city into a pandemonium.

Faced with the appearance of immortal Witches shrouded in mystery, the government decreed the complete isolation of the city, declared it an abandoned territory, and erased it from official maps.

For a while, the place once known as Kajou seemed destined to remain a ghost town, but soon it became a den of criminals and clandestine migrants, a refuge for those seeking asylum from their crushing debts and misery outside society, and a hunting ground for those who feed on misery, such as prostitutes, yakuza, and traffickers.

After a few years which saw its population grow to 150,000, the unrecognized extraterritorial city had become Jahougai, the Heretical City. There, the meeting of a man and a Witch marks the beginning of this story.

In this wicked city where no law holds and danger reigns unfolds the cruel fate of a man and a Witch.

That’s all for MangaGamer announcements from Anime Expo 2016. Look forward to our announcements from the Sekai Project panel coming soon.

We will keep you up to date on any answers or breaking developments we come across in regards to these new releases.

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