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Welcome to the world of Vitamin Quest, where the player assumes the role of Mikami, who happens to be one of the last few female elves alive. Conveniently, she is more than eager to spread her legs for anything with a penis and fertile seed. Thanks to her warrior pride, she has taken the noble goal of repopulating her race upon herself; at least with half-breeds in this case.

The game starts off with Mikami heading to see her friend, and also client. She has been hired on by the church to help them fight off the demons that have been plaguing the land recently. Mikami, being a fully licensed and highly recognized warrior, is perfect for the job. Well, when she is not busy hopping on dicks for the future of the elven race, that is.

After some initial dialogue, you are given your first job and sent on your way after the first demon on the church’s hit-list. I suppose it is the least she can do, considering this is the same church that generously accepts all the orphan half-elf babies Mikami pops out of her oven, throughout the course of the game.

Vitamin Quest—like many eroge and Japanese role-playing game hybrids—runs on the well-known—or depending on who you ask—well-hated, RPGMaker engine. Stigma aside, this title sets itself quite far apart from the rest of the pack. While it is not in the same vein as entries like Violated Heroine—which bypasses the turn-based combat system in favor of a more action-packed one—it changes the built-in battle system into something unique.

Mikami levels up like any normal character would in a JRPG, learning skills and magic spells as she hits certain level thresholds. Vitamin Quest, however, adds something into the traditional mix that fits the theme of the game well, trying to go beyond just your typical character building commonly seen in JRPGs.

While following the main storyline, there is a variety of non-playable characters our elven heroine can pursue on the side. Each NPC has their own little back-story, with some being more impressionable than others. They are quite minimal, but enough to be interesting and make each character stand out from the others.

Having sex with these lucky gentlemen gets you some bonus points you can put towards status upgrades. The heroine also gains unique status benefits depending on whose child she is currently knocked-up with, adding some additional incentive for keeping a bun in Mikami’s oven (as if you needed any). This gives an interesting spin on the meaning of strategic play. Does the next boss use dark magic? Then you better get “preggers” for an additional 30% resistance towards dark damage!

In addition, if you visit a particular suitor more often, they might give you items and equipment the next time you sleep with them. Each time you decide to put your legs behind your head for a guy, it’ll give you intimacy points towards him. The more he likes you, the better chance he’ll give you an item.

In regards to the sex scenes—if you have not picked up on it yet—VQ is heavily focused on impregnation, pregnancy, and birth fetishes. Throw a bit of prostitution in there, some exhibitionism, monster sex, the occasional futanari and the optional abortion, and you have the general grasp of what is on offer for you to enjoy.

The art is appealing; Mikami’s artwork is drawn quite well and the attention to certain details, like her eager facial expressions, adds quite a lot to the arousing exploits she frequently gets herself involved in. Her curves are lovely, and her terrible excuse for armor certainly helps them shine in her design. Combined with her sultry personality and her far-from-innocent ulterior motives, she is an excellent heroine for a Japanese role-playing game/eroge hybrid like this.

Unfortunately, a vast portion of the game isn’t translated into English at the point this article was written. There are plenty of non-playable characters who just don’t have dialogue in English at all, and even individual scenes with characters who are only partially translated. This is not the fault of the developer obviously, but just something to point out to anyone who has an interest in the game. That is not to say the game does not have its own problems outright.

The eroge portions—with the characters dotted around the game in particular—are all pretty short. They do not usually change unless it is on a second visit, and not much is altered besides some dialogue, which may only trigger if Mikami is currently pregnant. The latter is rare though, and is often ignored entirely even though the artwork in the sex scenes are changed to reflect the fact she is carrying a child at that moment. Most of the time when it is taken into account, they will always assume it is another man’s child. This gets a little awkward if he has just impregnated Mikami and you talk to him right after for a second round.

The client orders Mikami receives on her C-Phone are often the ones given the best dialogue, since they are all specific scenarios that you only get to view once, such as “nursing” an older man. It is a shame more detail did not go into the repeatable characters, but the design choice is understandable, since seeing the same long scene over and over would get just as old as a short one. Additionally, if you were only pursuing one man for the game-play benefits, it would only just hinder you.

All of this said, Vitamin Quest is worth your time, even for a short look. It is a quirky spin on character leveling and the focus on breeding is certainly a big appeal for many, myself included. The story is interesting for what it is, and it does succeed in making you want to know what happens next, translation allowing.

If you are into impregnation and birth, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to dislike this title. Even with the flaws it has and the fact it does not have a finished translation, it stands up as a worthy mention among games like the classic Violated Heroine as a good example of an eroge and JRPG combination.

Vitamin Quest can be purchased on the Japanese version of DLsite.

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