Daddy is coming

Having joined the plethora of Final Fantasy porn on the internet last year, Tifa’s Shaking Ass is a short Flash animation game that allows players to finally tap “dat ass”. The ass we are referring to of course is one of the protagonists from Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart.

Even in the title screen, Tifa has no nose!

Tifa’s Shaking Ass was originally released in March 2014, though an older version called Tifa’s Swingy Ass was previously released in 2010. Developed by School Love, the game features the buxom martial artist in all sorts of perverted positions as the player struggles frantically to get her off. Boy is she hard to please! The game starts with the player slowly trying to screw her brains out. They can choose to go slow or fast, and depending on each mouse click, will elicit a different noise from Ms. Lockhart each time.

The noises Tifa makes seem to be key in Tifa’s Shaking Ass. There is a certain pattern to them. It will take time for players to work out each sequence, and as they plow her senseless, certain lights on the top left of the screen give clues as to how much pleasure Tifa is receiving. If the player is somewhat successful, they will receive a chance to make her orgasm, but if the wrong move is made in this crucial moment, the progress in that sequence is then restarted. Should the player succeed in getting her off, then they will activate her Limit Break, and be treated to an animated scene with dialogue and voice acting before encountering the next sequence. The Limit Break mode is limited to 50 attempts, and once they are used up, the player is thrust back into normal mode. There is also a mode utilising the Haste materia magic, but that’s further limited to 10 or 20 tries.

Each sequence in Tifa’s Shaking Ass seems to get progressively harder, with unusual patterns required to get her to cum. It may be required to plow her fast, slow, slow and then fast, or some other whacky combination. This can get slightly frustrating as the game is mostly trial and error, but should one get tired of clicking, they can have the computer take over by switching to auto during Limit Breaks. This then has the computer take a crack at her, trying patterns that are completely random to get her to cum. The game then becomes a matter of spectating as the computer tries frantically to accomplish what the player can; still it’s a nice addition for anyone who just wants to get off without the frustration of the game itself.

The animations for Tifa’s Shaking Ass are fine, although the art is somewhat odd. The body proportions are all satisfactory and fairly accurate; however rather than outright censoring it, the penis seems to always be coated in shadow no matter the situation. This appears to be a fairly deliberate alternative to merely censoring the player’s cock. Another gripe with the game revolves around Tifa’s face. While the style of the art is anime, for some reason she appears to have almost no nose in every scene. This can’t just be chalked up to the anime style of the game, as there’s no shading for the tip, or flared nostrils or anything. This gives Tifa a really off-putting uncanny valley, and alien visage, greatly affecting the quality of one’s fap session.

The gameplay in Tifa’s Shaking Ass has some small gripes too, with advancing to the next level often being attributed to blind, dumb luck. Players will find they can click the mouse randomly and still somehow advance the scene eight times out of ten. This removes any facade of gameplay and makes it all about randomly generated numbers. Each click is inconsistent and even if a rhythm is followed, the game will break sequence, regardless of actions.

Sadly, there’s not much to be said about Tifa’s Shaking Ass. There’s very little of the game, the art assets are just acceptable and the dialogue is often odd, with Tifa exclaiming in one line how she’s likely to get pregnant with the amount of cum she just received. The problem? This is after the player cums on her face and in her mouth. Little things like that are rife within this game and they really add up.  With the asking price on DLSite of $16.71 is really steep for something that has barely any content in it. If players are still interested; however, there is a free trial available to download from DLSite. My honest opinion, though? Avoid.

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