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Seitenkan (The Sex Change) – You can come inside me is one of those rather unique titles you come across once in a blue moon. It does a good job of proving that when it comes to eroge, a game doesn’t need to be long in order to leave a positive reception. Boasting some likable characters, a little bit of character development and a rather odd conclusion Seitenkan is a game that is improved greatly because of its simplicity and easy story flow.

The story of Seitenkan opens like any traditional visual novel. The protagonist Akira is living with his little sister Anzu, and their deadbeat father. The father drinks, smokes, gambles and beats up on poor Akira, often threatening to hurt Anzu, but never following through on it. The father seems to often use Anzu as leverage to make Akira do what he wants. Akira loves his sister very much and does anything to protect her. At the same time as all this, Akira atttends an all-boys school. The school is actually co-educational, but it has never had a female enroll there ever. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Suffice to say, a truck carrying steel piping has an accident, Akira pushes his little sister out of the way, saving her and taking the brunt. Akira is then promptly killed. “Wow, short game.” No, not really. By the miracle of some really cutting edge science, Akira is saved, though the bottom half of his torso is crushed beyond recognition, along with his manhood. In order to save him, a doctor cultures cells from Anzu and cultivates them quickly enough to save Akira. The catch to this is that due to the cells being from his sister, Akira winds up with the lower torso of Anzu and his chest swells to be exactly like Anzu’s. Akira is saved through medical science, but becomes a complete genetic female, labia and all. He even has a hymen.

In true Japanese style, hilarity ensues as Akira struggles with the rather horrid sexual approaches of his incestuous, overweight father, being forced to do his sexual bidding for fear of Anzu receiving his advances. It’s incredibly the lengths Akira goes to for his sister, enduring paizuri, oral, and even missionary to protect his sister from harm. In fact it’s actually one of the highlight of the story. The bond between Akira and Anzu — while deeply incestuous — is really quite cute and sweet. They realise they only have each other and rely on the opposite sibling to help them get through each trial. Anzu adapts to Akira’s situation quite quickly, helping him find cute clothing, and doing her best to help Akira through father’s rape sessions.

At the same time as all this is going on, Akira also has to deal with the sexual advances of a perverted sports teacher; his best friend and his friends, as well as a random pervert on the public commute that decides to have his way with the young seitenka-sha. This is all fairly linear, with the story only deviating slightly, depending on the route taken. Mostly, the story is the same and tells the sweet tale of a brother and sister finding themselves in the world. The main characters are extremely likable, and while Akira slowly seems to spiral down into depravity, I found myself rooting for him to eventually regain his manhood. I had expected that to be what the “true” route would be, but that was something far more insane, that can really only be described as a sex circus; however, it was still thoroughly enjoyable.

The gameplay of Seitenkan also follows traditional visual novels, baring various branching paths that alter the plot in some way, shape or form. Sadly, your decisions won’t affect a whole lot, rather than things like various “bad ends”, and who rapes Akira while he is stuck as a female. Eventually, after viewing the three or four bad ends, you’ll unlock the true ending, but once again this is very linear, with the true ending requiring no decisions at all. It’s also the longest and most fleshed out ending. All that said, Seitenkan is a game that doesn’t overstay its welcome and there’s a certain unique quality to that in the world of visual novels.

The art is quite playful and likable. Some proportions are over-exaggerated, but not to an obnoxious extent. The art is colourful and well illustrated. My one complaint with the visuals in Seitenkan is the censorship. Everything is censored, apart from nipples. Penises, vaginas, futanari cocks, (oddly not anuses) the pixels are everywhere. I know this is characteristic of Japanese visual novels, but it did detract from my enjoyment somewhat.

Despite one or two very minor flaws, Seitenkan (The Sex Change) You can come inside me is a good example of an adult visual novel that isn’t too short and isn’t too long, that is well written, and while it follows a rather bizarre plotline, the relationship between the two siblings is too cute not to like (especially if you’re into incest). I highly recommend this game to everyone.

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