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LewdLook: Sealed Room Breed 2

Sculpt a helpless schoolgirl in the image you desire.

As its ominous name might suggest, Sealed Room Breed 2 is very straightforward about what it wants to be. Namely, a simulation game wherein you, as the protagonist, commit unspeakable acts of a sexually reproductive nature on a teenage girl who is not allowed to escape and is, indeed, sealed inside her room.

Bad humor aside, Sealed Room Breed 2 by Gamecolon is a rape simulator. You take control of a nameless protagonist who uses the power of internet imageboards to track down and capture Sunahara Saori, a beautiful, virginal schoolgirl. Locking her inside his torture dungeon, the protagonist makes Saori an offer she can’t refuse – in two weeks’ time he will let her go free, but only if she can keep her will and resist becoming a slave to his domination techniques.

An instantly sympathetic protagonist defines this game.

Once the prologue is over and the game begins in earnest, all of the games mechanics center on winning your bargain with Saori. There are a few other things you can do, such as take pictures or browse the 2channel thread where Saori’s fanclub are panicking about her disappearance, but the bulk of the game’s content involves breaking Saori’s will through either pain or pleasure.

You have fourteen days and a multitude of options, but only one goal: rape Saori into submission.

Sealed Room Breed 2 tracks your progress, or lack thereof, by the way your actions affect Saori’s stats. Certain actions, such as rape, will break down her Pride and build up her Lust, while others, such as torturing her with a whip, will raise her Obedience but none of her “lewd” stats, such that she’ll obey you but not desire you.

On top of keeping track of and modifying her sexual desire and obedience, the player also has to keep track of Saori’s Vitals. These three stats, Vitality, Strength, and Mind, affect Saori’s ability to resist your torture, but also her ability to survive it. Let Saori’s Vitality fall too low and she’ll faint repeatedly during sex. Let her Strength dip below critical levels and she’ll die of hunger. Let her Mind drop beneath the crucial threshold, and she’ll lose all her will and personality, effectively becoming a flesh doll useful for sex but no better than an onahole.

Conversely, letting Saori’s Vitals rise too high will invite danger. If her Mind is too high, she won’t be obedient, but more importantly keep her Strength and Vitality too high and she’ll have the energy to plan an escape, and you won’t like how that ends.

Well, it’s not like she was all that into it when she was awake, either.

While this stat manipulation might seem a bit simplistic at first glance, it’s actually backed up by a suite of options. Sealed Room Breed 2 lets you be as cruel to Saori as you like, and there’s nothing stopping you from just raping her on the spot and taking her virginity on day 1. There are other approaches you can take, however; You can sexually torture Saori through vibrators and caresses without ever actually having sex with her, essentially building up her sexual tension until she herself begs you to take her. You can also train her obedience exclusively, beating her with a whip and dripping hot candle wax on her rear. Initially, she won’t desire you from this, but she will obey you, and the higher you raise her obedience the more options you unlock from the “Command” tab. Once you have trained her well enough, you can order Saori to masturbate for you, give you a blowjob of her own volition, and even ride you cowgirl style and enjoy it.

What you do over the course of the 14 days you keep Saori in your basement ultimately affects how the game ends. Outside of Bad Ends, Sealed Room Breed 2 has 7 different endings, which range from letting Saori go, to keeping her as an obedient slave, up to having her fall for you so hard that she offers her virginity to you as a reward. Unfortunately, the current fan translation of the game is only partially complete, so most of the ending text isn’t available. Still, finishing the game doesn’t just reward you with an ending scene but also with unlocks for additional content, such as new costumes and hairstyles that carry over in successive playthroughs.

There’s no Sunday afternoon quite like one spent forcing unprotected sex on an underage girl

On the technical side of things, Sealed Room Breed 2 is an indie game through and through, with rather simplistic graphics that more than get their point across, but can’t match up at all to offerings from other titles, such as those by Illusion. It’s also stuck at an 800×600 resolution, which means it must be played in windowed mode. That said, the area where Sealed Room Breed 2 really shines is in the audio. The sound of flesh slapping flesh is convincingly lewd, and the realistically cruel crack of the whip might actually turn you off from using it for fear of hurting your charge. Meanwhile, Saori has her own voice actress, who does the lines for all the endings and beautifully voices Saori’s whines, screams, and moans of pleasure. There’s no real music to speak of, though, save for the industrial track that plays in the background of the main menu.

The backdrop of screams, whining, and finally desperate pleading is what really makes this game a convincing rape simulator.

All in all, Sealed Room Breed 2 sets a goal for itself at the start and manages to fulfill it to the best of its abilities. The convincing sound effects, host of sexual torture options, and replay value combine with the designer’s excellent taste when it comes to the methods of deflowering teenage girls to produce a great game to spend an afternoon or two completing. It of course does have its defects, but these stem mostly from the game’s minimal budget rather than from any fault at the core of its design. As far as rape simulators go (and sadly there aren’t that many to pick from these days), Sealed Room Breed 2 is a compelling addition to the genre.

You can purchase Sealed Room Breed 2 at DLSite for $12.50. A trial version is also available on the same page. A (partial) fan translation from 4chan’s /hgg/ is available here . If you decide to try it out, be sure to download the bugfix patch from developer Gamecolon here.

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