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LewdLook: The Ninja R*pe Legend - Ajisai

Crouching Ninja, Hidden Tentacle

The life of a shinobi is one that is fraught with danger; doubly so if you’re a sexy little kunoichi. Ajisai is one such ninja, wielding twin wakizashi and donning a kimono three sizes too small.  At the behest of her grandmaster, Ajisai is sent to investigate rumors of criminal activity in the region, only to discover that she’s scratching the surface of a giant sex-slavery operation spanning across Japan.

Ajisai soon finds herself in the most dangerous mission of her life as she stealthily navigates through the criminal underworld; one misplaced step could mean the difference between her dismantling the slavery ring, or becoming its newest addition.

The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai is a fairly unique RPGmaker title developed by the midnight pleasure doujin circle, a group that specializes in pregnancy/impregnation of the non-consensual variety. Like many other RPGmaker games, Ajisai is a top-down rpg with turn-based combat. Battles progress in the usual RPG fashion: the titular character has the ability to attack, guard, and deploy a number of special skills, items, and magic buffs and debuffs to tip the scales of battle.

Pretty typical flair for an RPGmaker title, but the novelty of The Ninja R*pe Legend Ajisai isn’t found in the game’s combat, but in how the protagonist can avoid it. As a covert agent, Ajisai specializes in subverting her foes through cunning and stealth as opposed to brute force. Enemy guards wander around each area in patterns that can be exploited, allowing the player to set up enemies for a swift ambush. Sneaking up behind a guard and finishing them off with a single stroke will mean the difference between a quick victory or a grueling battle; stealthy players will be able to net all the experience and money of dealing with guards with half the effort of those who fight every enemy head-on.

Gameplay emphasizes clever solutions to tough situations, and boss encounters can have drastic differences in difficulty depending on how you approach them as you navigate your way through the game’s handful of levels.

Approach a boss head-on, and you will have to deal with him and his entourage of bodyguards; sneak from behind, and he will be left to fend for himself.

Falling to her enemies in battle (or just being discovered when playing on the hardest difficulty) results in Ajisai being strung up as the latest piece of meat for the pleasure of the guards. Ajisai may also come across a few unfortunate souls in her stealthy journey; fallen ninja or civilians who have been enslaved by the criminal organization. As the name of the game implies, rape is the central sexual theme of the assorted still frame H-scenes. The artwork is fairly nice, with curvy characters and copious amounts of body blush. There is no voice acting to speak off, but wet and sloppy sounds accompany the stills without too much exaggeration, effectively complementing each moment with juicy audio.

The music is surprisingly well done, and it really helps to sell the whole feudal Japanese aesthetic of the game. Overall, the game showcases a surprising amount of production value that you don’t often see in interactive hentai today, let alone in titles produced by RPGmaker. Kinky shenanigans aside, I actually found myself enjoying the gameplay of Ajisai as an engaging role playing experience with a unique emphasis on stealth. While the game is left entirely untranslated, audio/visual cues do a remarkable job of cluing you in on how things work, and in-game cutscenes are choreographed so as to provide the player with all the information they need to progress.

You can get your hands on The Ninja R*pe Legend – Ajisai on DLsite. If you can appreciate a refreshing twist on an old formula, then you may enjoy Ajisai as a game that uses a familiar template to explore a genre of gaming that is relatively unheard of in the world of hentai: stealth action with a blend of RPG.

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