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LewdLook: Nekopara Vol. 0

Or I Need A Replacement Nutbladder

It finally happened. I knew that one day I would experience a complete heart attack. What I would have never predicted in my wildest dreams is that it would happen in the first few minutes of playing NEKO WORKs’ fandisc visual novel Nekopara Vol. 0.

Before I get into why Nekopara Vol. 0 works on many simple and effective degrees, it’s worth noting that the game is just supplementary material that also works as a prequel to the main story of NEKOPARA Vol.1 La Soleil is now open!Vol. 0 clocks in at just about an hour of leisurely reading, and thus I decided to give it one of our signature LewdLook previews instead of a full review.

As a prequel to the first volume of Nekopara, the game lets the player experience one whole day in the lives of the Minaduki family and their six catgirls. As the cats’ master Kashou (the protagonist of the first Nekopara) is absent throughout the game’s length, the plot focuses to a great effect on the girls themselves, and what an amazing focus it is indeed!

As someone who has seen a superabundance of adorable things during his life, I thought Nekopara  Vol. 0  wouldn’t make me squee with glee like a high school girl. Boy, was I wrong. It’s no exaggeration to say that Nekopara Vol. 0  contains intense levels of catgirl cuteness that could melt even the most frigid of hearts. The moment you start the game, all of your senses are assaulted by the profound moe seeping out of every pore of this title. During the whole day with the catgirl, the player gets to indirectly participate in a real slice-of-life story that gives just about every character a good amount of attention. Given the fandisc’s short length, one would normally not expect such a cleanly established balance. From lazily waking up in the morning, making breakfast, cleaning the Minaduki residence, going out for walks, watching TV and even bathing; you will get to see the girls doing all of these things while interacting with each other in a bunch of humorous ways.

The overwhelming charm Nekopara Vol. 0 exhibits in its art, character designs, and even backgrounds is further accentuated with the fluid and free-flowing sprite animation that you should have already experienced if you have played the first Nekopara. The music playing during most of the scenes is upbeat and adds to the silliness taking place on screen. Apart from all of those goodies, the creators still managed to squeeze in one more small feature, which personally made grin like an idiot: I am of course talking about the “petting” feature you can enable at any event that isn’t accompanied by a unique CG. You can now pet all the characters you see on screen, hear them make purrs and moans of pleasure (even Shigure does it for some reason) and watch them fidget with lovestruck facial expressions.

While Nekopara Vol. 0 doesn’t have any explicit erotic content like its predecessor, it still carries with it a hefty amount of sexual themes. The purple-haired Cinnamon alludes to all kinds of kinky acts all the time and even mentions how she’s getting all wet “down there,” Shigure puts all of her brother complex issues on the table, some good old fashioned breast slapping ensues, and on top of that, you also get to see nice steamy (literally) semi-nudity during the bathtime.

Nekopara Vol. 0 did absolutely everything it needed to do as a fandisc. It compacted almost everything fans loved about the first game into a bite-sized, cat-eared morsel and left you hungry for Volume 2, which we all know is coming due to how positively this series has been received so far. My anticipation levels could not be any higher, and so should yours.

Nekopara Vol. 0 is now available for purchase on Steam for the very low price of $2.99. If you decide to get it and your nutbladder is fine after you’re done with it, I don’t think we can be friends.

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