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Monster Girl Grimoire is a dungeon crawler produced by Ibyss Games, a small independent studio who just released their first demo of the game today.

This showcase of content warrants a Lewdlook, as we assess the evolution, this title went through. Most of the game’s goals, which have been reported on in prior  articles of ours, remain unchanged. Monster Girl Grimoire is, for all intent and purposes, a dungeon crawler combined with RPG elements, as we are put into the shoes of a male protagonist in his hunt for monster girls.

The protagonist didn’t choose his fate as a monster girl hunter but was encouraged into this predicament by a particularly mysterious girl who saved his life. This demo gives us a sneak peak into the game’s basic mechanics, which will be utilized throughout Monster Girl Grimoire and the visual representation of the dungeon and the monster girls themselves. However, the protagonist doesn’t solely peek in his interaction with said monster girls.

After a brief story introduction, the player is put into a dungeon separated by several doors, where the lighting lends the setting an eerie atmosphere. This atmosphere seemed to clash with the overall lighthearted interactions but did manage to establish itself as a proper dungeon. A small rundown of the mechanics soon followed, the likes of which didn’t show much complexity in its utilization for better or worse; however, I expect this will see improvement in the future. Basic attacks consist of a magical attack that runs off MP, and a physical attack which does not. While they did manage to make each attack unique to each monster girl, the physical attacks themselves serve the same purpose in practice. Another mechanic provides some defense to a monster girl, protecting them against attacks in that turn alongside a small increase of MP in the process. We can also see a glimpse of other mechanics in this demo as well, such as items, but were shown to be off-limits in this demo.

During the fight, the true intention of Monster Girl Grimoire comes to light, as we can see the monster girl’s attire being stripped down by each hit. Aiming to seduce them is quickly explained to the player, and players are rewarded with a steamy H-scene should they succeed in their seduction. After the H-scene, the monster girl joins the party and helps in the protagonist’s continued fights with more monster girls.

As far as demos go, the art did manage to entice me to some extent, and I do have to give props for the quality standard and attention to detail this early in the development process. This was even more evident in the overall writing of Monster Girl Grimoire, which established the different personalities and characteristics of the monster girls successfully by providing some lore through an in-game grimoire and various dialogue interactions during the H-scenes. Speaking of which, the sexual encounters during the H-scenes only contain vanilla sex, as no extreme fetishes are present in the demo.

Monster Girl Grimoire shows promise, but I must warn players about the linearity that may creep into this title, as the hallways and rooms look pretty identical, and their similarity to one another might be the real challenge to overcome. Enticing monster girls is a good distraction to be sure, but even they won’t be able to save the potential tedium and linearity in dungeons if the demo is anything to go by.

That being said, this reviewer looks forward to the full version of the game, as it’s a fresh take on the genre and stripping monster girls never felt so satisfying.

Interested players can support Monster Girl Grimoire on their Patreon or may visit their site for more information.

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