If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to experience tens, if not hundreds of mods for Doom, arguably one of the most popular games of its age. From mods that allowed you to kill Barney the Dinosaur, to mods that let you murder hundreds of John Wayne Gacy clones dressed up as clowns, up to mods where you massacre hoards of demon-possessed housewives. HDoom is the only Doom mod so far to make me hard as diamonds.

My sexual appreciation for monster and demon girls aside, I have to explain that HDoom is one of those creations that you could simultaneously have very little and a lot to talk about. On one hand, it plays almost exactly the same as the good old Doom you might remember back from 1993, and on the other hand it offers a good amount of additional content to justify its sexy existence.

From the beginning, the Doom franchise emphasized fast-paced, trigger-happy gameplay coupled with gratuitous violence and gore. While HDoom also contains explicit material, this time of the sexual variety, it almost nurses an anti-Doom philosophy with how the rest of the gameplay is presented. All weapons in the modification have been replaced with completely harmless items, such as a pillow, a water pistol, a super soaker and other non-lethal gadgets. The disturbing and abominable demons from the original have all been replaced by cute (yes, I know my bias is showing) naked girl demon counterparts There is also no real way to physically harm these adorable creatures: After being pummeled with pillows or shot with the assortment of water weapons, they will simply fall over unconscious or get stunned. When the latter happens, this is where HDoom finally shows its true colors.[](https://www.lewdgamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/HDoom-Enemies-Defeated.jpg)

Defeated demonesses will sometimes get stunned, and this is where the real fun begins.

This question might as well be rhetorical, but what’s the first instinct of a LewdGamer when faced with an incapacitated girl in an erotic game? Why, the instinct to copulate, of course! I understand that most of you gentle guys and gals out there would help her up, apologize and maybe even ask her out to a nice dinner, but HDoom is not that kind of game. After a set of pink hearts floating above a demon girl’s head appears, that means she’s ready to receive the Doom Guy’s “doomguy”. All the player needs to do after that is just run up to her, press the “use” key and enjoy some nicely crafted pixelated sex scenes. Currently, as the mod is still not fully developed yet, some of the girls have multiple random sex scenes tied to them while others just have one.

The player character is invulnerable while taking care of business. No interruptions during any of the sex scenes.

The sexy monster girl fucking is by no means the only appealing element of the HDoom mod. The game is filled to the brim with innuendo, sexual humor and even jabs at popular anime tropes. From the difficulty setting menu all the way to the actual playable scenarios, the mod will surprise you with raunchy comedy and unchecked, yet effective use of the Descartes “give her the D” meme.

You can tell the developer of HDoom had a lot of naughty fun making it.

HDoom has been in development for quite some time now, and its latest April release can be downloaded from the developer’s Tumblr blog . For instructions on how to install the mod and what software will be needed to do so, look no further than this page. New assets such as sprite work and animations are constantly being showcased on the blog, so keeping an eye on it is highly recommended.

LewdGamer will be sure to inform you once a new iteration of the mod has been released, after which you can once again return to banging demonic beauties.

Be sure to also check out LewdGamer’s own Twitter and Tumblr accounts for more news on all things artistic and lewd.

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