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LewdLook: Forest of the Blue Skin

Ever dream of leaving your home and fending off hoards of horny women hungry for your bodily juices every step of the way? If your answer is “Yeah, I’ve always dreamed of that!” then Zell23’s 2D action platformer Forest of the Blue Skin might just be what you’ve been looking for all this time.

If you’re anywhere near as ingrained into the hobby of playing erotic Japanese games as I am, you might have noticed a very common trend when it comes platformers representing that genre. The gameplay in them usually revolves around avoiding varied obstacles and occasionally getting “rewarded” with sex after getting hit too many times, losing a life or outright getting a “game over” screen. The problem with that kind of gameplay design is that if you are skilled enough to battle your way through these challenges, you won’t get to experience most of the erotic content a game has to offer. I don’t think I have to explain how counter intuitive that is when one of the main draws of your product is to entice the gamer with some steamy sex scenes.

Forest of the Blue Skin, the game that sounds like an ’80s horror B movie, tries to mix up this tired and old formula by having the sex serve as both an obstacle and something you use as a means of jumping through hurdles to reach your goal.

As another small preface, I do have to note that despite the game being fairly far along in development and having a stable release marked with 1.08, Forest of the Blue Skin is still a ways from being a complete game with an ending. As such, all of my impressions will be based on how complete version 1.08 is. If you’re reading this article after new versions have been released, you might get a totally different experience out of it than I did. Let’s check out why this forest smells like semen and pussy juice and if it’s worth venturing into.

Forest of the Blue Skin 07

Every enemy in the game is out to eat or fuck you, not necessarily in always the same order.

At  first glance, Forest of the Blue Skin looks and plays like a moderately standard 2D action platformer, with tight controls and enemies with even tighter monster girl genitalia. What sets it apart from other games of this type that you might’ve already played is the purpose of battling these cute female critters. Instead of thinking of them as mere obstacles to be put down on the way to some distant, elusive goal, the girls in FOB are actually your goal. You’re free to think of this game like Pokemon, only instead of throwing poke balls at your weakened foes, you throw your own balls into the mix. Not literally, of course, since that’d warrant a “guro” tag.

Unlike Pokemon, however, defeating and especially capturing all manner of beasts in the Forest of the Blue Skin is no easy task, requiring a lot of thinking outside of the box. The enemies you encounter early on will be yours to capture by simply knocking them down with a few well-placed hits, whereas the others will not only demand a lot of wit and experimentation, but also the use of skills that you acquired from previously beaten enemies or found hidden throughout the game’s many areas. Some girls become capturable when they see you having sex and purposely putting yourself in harm’s way, others become aroused when you masturbate (being one of the acquired skills) in front of them or unload your “sexual frustration” right over their bodies. Currently, there aren’t that many skills to acquire and use, but I’m sure as the game gets closer to completion you will see them being meticulously added.

Forest of the Blue Skin 08

Using your slime waifu as a shield against incoming enemies is one way to form a relationship

All the skills and items granting you access to hidden areas — be they abilities that allow easier platform traversing or ones that help you capture girls —  are easily accessible and equipable via a pause menu, so there’s no danger of accidentally getting raped when selecting the right skill set for a daunting situation. While figuring out clever ways to capture your targets, you’ll want to go back to strategically saving orbs to records your progress and automatically heal up. Getting yourself hit and sexually abused becomes part of the experimentation process, and with it, your life will be slowly drained to zero. Save often, otherwise you will be seeing the screen below more than you’d ever like.

Forest of the Blue Skin 04

When you’re done messing around with collecting capricious critters and finding hidden secrets, you can always go back to the starting area and your very own monster girls zoo, in which you can freely sex up your captives without fear of neither rape nor death. It’s a lot easier to jack it when you don’t need to watch out for your own mortality.

Forest of the Blue Skin 05

Perfectly domesticated cum sluts

Having seen games both better and worse than this, I can safely say that Forest of the Blue Skin falls strictly into the middle-of-the-road category as far as visuals and sound design goes. The game’s presentation uses pixel graphics for everything, from the backgrounds to the character sprites. The last element deserving of praise would be well-executed sex animations and their lovely amount of detail. Even though the game clearly uses stock music and sounds, I can’t really say they grate at your mind and drive you to slam the mute button. Overall, I would say the game looks and sounds nice, but doesn’t do nearly enough to be truly impressive.

Forest of the Blue Skin can be downloaded and played completely free of charge from this link. Zell23 updates his games on a quite regular basis, so be sure to save that link for further exploitation. If you’re familiar with Japanese and would like to be kept up to date on the latest developments, Zell23 also has a blog you can follow.

I’m really curious where the developer is going to take this game and if it will ultimately have an end goal other than creating your own monster girl harem. Not that your own personal harem of monster girls is such a bad thing, of course.

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  • Grahav

    I just keep getting error 0xc000007b.

    Tried a lot of stuff in the other versions but I so far I haven’t gone past it.

    • Guest

      Isn’t this a direct x 11 error ?

      • Grahav

        Haven’t tried it. Should I just reinstall it?

  • shaun

    how do you get the download password ?

    • ZenithTheOne
      • when i try to enter pass, it gets error

        • beast guy

          The pass works, I tried it myself. I had the same problem as you but I figured out how you got the error. The last link only leads to FAQ (frequently Asked Questions), not download links so if your downloading the latest version of the game; for example ver1.08 then use the pass below it! (pass:fobs0704). Hope this was helpful 🙂

          • thanks! it worked

          • wenkang

            can help me download, i don understand, can give me some photos how download, pls

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Interesting game. Know any more where the sex isn’t a penalization, that are in english?

  • Zwartehond

    saving doesn’t seem to work

  • nigga

    what are the controls

    • Damian

      settings – keyboard settings

  • Damian

    How to catch a cat jumping and all in the dimension of darkness, why not from captured rabbit appears that for the passage of the singer and how to get there?

  • Sim

    Any walkthroughs or hints?

  • xxx

    i dont know how to play it any help

  • ThatOneJester

    Thank goodness I knew a bit of Japanese, or downloading the game would have taken quite a while long that it did… xD
    Maybe you should add in that the entire site was in Japanese? <3

  • SodaPopkillski

    I seem to have pretty big problems with saving atm, it’s annoying how I have to restart everytime I go out of the game.

    Additionally, i’d like some sort of tip (or straight up help) on what to do after getting the slime girl, getting the foot girl, getting the green girl (by the way, i’d love to know what the green girl does), and slashing down the fox lady who shoots those extremely fast moving projectiles (no idea whether there are other ways to beat her). I seem to have been unable to progress any further from this point.

    • SodaPopkillski

      In case it wasn’t clear enough, I REALLY want to know how to save the game.

      • Someone

        It save everytime you recharge your health with the blue orbs
        if you want to come back at your previous progression you need to take the second japanese sentence when you start your game

        • Sodapopkillski

          Yeah, I noticed that later.
          But i’m still stuck on progressing the game. All i’ve done from that point there is capture 2 more useless girls (white bunny + magician), and FOUND the larva cave.

          • Someone

            If you cant progress go check the thread in the previous comment at the page 43-44-45 for a little walkthrough

          • beast guy

            Magician girl and a larva CAVE?! Which version of the game do you have to get those?!
            I couldn’t find those in the latest version or go to the dark world…

  • I get a d3dx9_39.dll error, anybody know how to fix?

    • DarkfireX_IDK

      i’d also like to know

      • beast guy

        You don’t need to install gamemaker. Your just missing a .dll file which is easy to replace or find. I had the same error with other games but I fixed it by following a tutorial on youtube. Search your missing dll file name on youtube and you should find tutorials that gives you a website to get them.

        • DarkfireX_IDK

          really?! so did installing gamemaker give you the needed .dll file or was that something else?

          • beast guy

            Maybe, haven’t tried it myself but the other way I mentioned is easier and quicker. Saves you time and space on your computer. Because your just adding a missing file into your system which will take less than minutes to do.

          • DarkfireX_IDK

            i was going to use gamemaker, so i dont really care how much slower it is or how much space it takes

          • Prince Keldeo

            just download d3dx9_x43.dll (It was a file that most of the games needed, just find the file on the internet and extract to the game files.)

    • DarkfireX_IDK

      i just figured it out. you have to install game maker

  • some iranian dudeZ

    My comment must be the most stupid one around …. but how do you jerk off ? Or should I say how to acquire the skill ?

  • Kaizer Saiza

    what keys do I press for the ‘masturbate’ action

    • Kaos

      Once you defeat the monkey giirl, she drops it and you equip it like you do a monster girl

  • Kaos

    Any walkthrough for defeating and capturing that doesn’t require sifting through 60+ pages of update notes and questions? People are saying the white yukata girl is easy but wtf the resist is nearly impossible, I was wondering if another captured enemy makes it easier

  • Kaos

    Can anyone tell me how to masturbate in this game?

  • njgamer

    this d3dx9_39.dll that was one of dll i needed for skyrim enb

  • HAlp me

    I keep getting a “missing wave file error” and “SE registration error”

  • Berk Rider

    i think zell is making an update by the looks of hes blog, hope it doesnt take so long to release, I WANT MORE GIRLS IN MY HAREM XD

  • Ashri

    I Can’t Escape From Red Ghost -_-

    • Berk Rider

      1 capture the kobold hammer girl (that blue wolf with the red hammer) that will unlock a special move to use a giant hammer
      2 find the chamber where the transforming girl is, wait for her to attack u with her rock form then hit her 11-13 times with ur sword till the sound of the hits change, then use the hammer to stunt and capture her, this will unlock the transformation power
      3 head to the red ghost area with the transformation power equiped and use it when the ghost stops moving, keep holding it till he start moving again, keep doing it till it reachs the end of the walkway then use the double jump power to reach the platform and head to the next area

      • Inconspicuous Lamp

        I’ve done this but the ghost still catches me when I jump down to the next area.

  • WillemAditya

    HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    can someone tell me how to download the game? i need to type down the password before downloading or maybe im in the wrong site perhaps? tell me the site please…

    • LordZeowulF

      Having same issue currently actually.

    • Cristian Eduardo Nuño

      I need to know if you keep the games or how they are saved

    • Some Random Dude

      The password is posted on the site itself

    • Yup


      • Yup

        This is only the password for the last version 11.0a
        You re welcome

  • Federico Gemmi

    When should go out the version 1.10?

  • jörmungandr

    I am now at this level, where you have three switches to press, two I have already, but the third I find simply can not someone help me?

    • Federico Gemmi

      You have to go in the golem girl’s room and search a type of platform with the double jump on the right part

    • Berk Rider

      1 inside the girl that can transform into a rock area
      2 when u find the mummy like golen girls area read to the portal of the right and use the double jump to reach the platforms where the switch is
      3 when u get inside the temple, go straight and ull find a door that leads u to a chamber full of breakable rocks, use the hammer there and ull be able to reach the switch
      after all that head down the stairs and enter the room where the trap gate are and it will be oppen

  • Kirby Kagamine

    What are the controls? and how to climax?

  • Damian

    sleep time (no update).

    • Berk Rider

      thats because u dont know how i feel, that game is so amazing that since i discovered it (october to novermber of the last year) i keep checking everyday zells blog for an update, when he launched the new 1.10 version in january of this year i coldnt wait to catch all the girls again (got em all on the first hour XD) and now for another eternity im here waiting a new update, hope it dont get too long to release

  • Nightshade

    does anyone know the 1.09a password???

    • Damian


  • Damian

    Where update?

  • Berk Rider

    finaly 1.10 is out

    • Nikkurasu the perv

      whats the password for it??

      • Berk Rider

        lol its on the “this link” at the end of the post but here it goes anyway: fobs110z23
        it works to download 1.10a and 1.10b

  • rajibeta

    this thing doesn’t work on mac does it
    i’m experiencing all sorts of fuck ups on download

  • Nikkurasu the perv

    hey, does anyone know the password for 1.10? i keep entering the one it says to buuuut, i cant seem to get it to authneticate

    • Damian


  • Anon-Man

    Does this game work with windows 10? I keep getting a message that says “IGPlayer fatal error; there was an error selecting and acquiring the device”.

  • thai quoc thong

    how to use Forest of the blue skin Version 1.09a file save for 1.10b ?

  • No Identity

    Need English :'( rep if u have english download link

  • Umbrella

    what is the download key?

  • Berk Rider

    ****SPOILER ALERT****
    all u need to know about how to reach certain areas, how to catch all avaliable monster girls and how to find all the collectibles (secret sex scenes in the harem portal)

  • Berk Rider

    yay 1.11 is out XD

  • strikezero01 .
  • furry yiff

    how to download this

  • Derp

    Anyone knows how to get further in the dark mansion?

    I can see a second floor but dont see a way…

  • Pedro Anderson

    someone help me please. I dont know how to download the most current version or update the game (the only thing I found was a direct link to version 1.9 and now I dont know how to update version 1.9 to 1.11)

  • The Dark Lord Cthulhu Himself

    Does this work on Linux?

  • George Homes

    ive gotton the the download page, however it is asking for an authentication password that you get from accepting the terms of sevice, but nowhere on the site is there an option to accept said terms of sevice, pls help

  • Inconspicuous Lamp

    Hey, anyone else experiencing a bit of a glitch or something where the red ghost in the temple ruins has a capture range which extends beyond the wall, because I can get to the portal/checkpoint area without getting caught whilst falling through the hole at the end of the section.

    • Damian

      Just use dash

  • Ricky van Evangelion

    umm guys i just downloaded the game and play it but i got some error that causing all the texture goes messed up and i can’t even go anywhere (stuck)…

    then my health bar is also missing.. what happen and how to fix it?

  • Marki Dang

    English version ?