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LewdLook: Crusoe Had It Easy - Tropical Island Incest

Disclosure: The game’s preview copy was provided to LewdGamer by MARBLE SYRUP.

Crusoe Had It Easy is produced by MARBLE SYRUP, a small-time studio that focuses on the development of visual novels and adventure games. Crusoe Had It Easy seems to take inspiration from Daniel Defoe’s classic adventure novel Robinson Cruseo, in which the titular character is stranded on a deserted island and has to fend for himself while being harassed by the native population.

The similarities between these two adventures isn’t a very deep one, as Crusoe Had It Easy revolves around a deserted island where two cousins are stranded and have to adapt to this new predicament. One of the youngsters is called Sophie, and lives with the nameless male protagonist. Eventually, this family connection starts to change into sexual tension when the protagonist starts to become sexually attracted to Sophie. Players can pursue this romance in various ways and this can result in seven different endings.

The power of choice is paramount during these events, and endings are chosen by a combination of dialogue options throughout the game, leading to several light-hearted endings or grim conclusions. The dialogue itself is constructed fairly well and progresses naturally, as the connection or disconnection between the stranded duo can be molded to the players preference. Some additional light-hearted humor works well in the overall premise, but doesn’t align with several of the dark endings, feeling sudden and underdeveloped.

The game’s length is short and, unfortunately, doesn’t have enough time to establish the duo as characters, even by visual novel standards. The short length of Crusoe Had It Easy wasn’t a deal breaker, but the player has to deal with a lot of repetitive dialogue if they want to unlock all the endings. The developer did try to lengthen the game by making the endings relatively hard to obtain, compounding the issue further.

The art style, however, was surprisingly good. Everything from the look of the characters to the overall aesthetics of backgrounds such as the sea, tree, plants, and other attributes felt real. This quality made the H-scenes stand out the most, even though the private parts were censored. This is a minor criticism though, since this is purely a stylistic choice in the Western world and a method to appease the Western and Eastern markets.

Sadly, the short game length had an adverse effect on the H-scenes: The game only contains three, excluding one H-scene included in the premium content only available to Patreon users that donated $5 and beyond. Additionally, some extra content can be unlocked through cheat codes, which is also exclusively for Patron donators who donated at least $10. The game didn’t include many varying musical tracks during these H-scenes, but provided a subtle, if not decent supplement.

All these variables combined make up for a rather short-lived erotic experience, where quality H-scenes, light-hearted humor, and different endings were the best factors. Crusoe Had It Easy is, for all intents and purposes, a flash game that offers a fun experience, but isn’t meant for those who want a deep, engaging story enriched with substantial H-scenes.

Crusoe Had It Easy can be played for free at Newgrounds , and players can support the developer’s future titles on Patreon.

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