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Most Japanese erotic side-scrolling action games are like one-night stands—short, sometimes unfulfilling and leaving you wanting more. Luckily for you, dear reader, today’s LewdLook of D-lis’ 2D action game Bullet Requiem tackles all of those above-mentioned problems and offers a satisfying, albeit clunky gameplay experience.

D-lis’ Bullet Requiem was first announced at the developer’s blog at the end of 2013 and then went through a grueling production cycle to finally be released in May of this year. From the way their final title turned out, you would not think this is the developer’s first attempt at game development. While I’m starting this preview with a good amount of deserved praise, Bullet Requiem has its fair share of problems.

Before I get into the meat of things: the gameplay and the overarching steamy sex content, I have to get the game’s plot out of the way. Deciphering the game’s plot with my extremely limited knowledge of Japanese was not all that hard. A female demon slayer, which I swear is a combination of Youmu Konpaku and Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project games, named Schönheit (“Beauty” in German) works for an organization called The Order and is tasked with saving a village under siege by ruffians and monsters. Following this is a series of cliché revelations and betrayals, that you could see coming even if you have severe cataracts in your eyes.

Bullet Requiem can be quite stylish when it wants to be.

The minimalistic and somewhat unimportant story aside, Bullet Requiem does not play much differently from any regular run-and-gun 2D action game, barring a few exceptional elements. Schönheit uses two guns, reminiscent of Devil May Cry Dante’s Ebony and Ivory, with a limited magazine. You can unlock a set of special weapons in a shop including a shotgun, bombs, and even a knife that allows her to perform a long-range dash attack. The ability to double dash coupled with a special single bullet attack that juggles enemies give the player opportunities to tackle any approaching danger in a myriad of ways. Flanking baddies, knocking them up in the air, or simply avoiding them all together become viable strategies of progressing through the game. Bullet Requiem‘s boss fights at the end of each level also offer a good challenge, and are balanced just well enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

The level design, to be completely frank, starts off ugly with static 3D CG backgrounds and questionable platform placements. Thankfully, the visuals improve in the later levels, sporting more varied backgrounds, more enemy types and greater platforming challenges. Even with all the down-the-line improvements, the game has a few core problems that are unnecessarily frustrating. The first one shows itself the first moment you get to control Schönheit. The default controls are quite difficult to get used to, and even if you remap them in the config menu you may still have a hard time on your first playthrough. The problem with Bullet Requiem‘s controls is especially evident with the way our heroine reloads her guns and tackles vine swinging segments. Reloading your pistols and grabbing onto swinging plant life and ropes use the same key. To reload you need to press the designated button and crouch at the same time, and to grab vines you need to press the same button at an exact moment and hold it or risk falling to your untimely doom. In both cases, it seems like a uselessly complicated design choice.

Without a doubt in my mind, BulletRequiem‘s strongest point is its pornographic content. Almost every encountered enemy in the game possesses a unique attack to unbalance the graceful female gunner and have their way with her. The assorted sex animations are pleasant to look at and have a good degree of polish to them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about all other character movements that seem wooden and very low on animated frames in comparison.

Erotic sequences of the game are automatically unlocked after beating subsequent game levels. After going through the game once, all available porn features can be accessed through the “Gallery” selection in the main menu. The sexual content is diverse in fetishes, starting from some good old fashioned monster rape, tentacles, and bukkake, ending with some rather mild torture and gore. If I had to critique any part of the lewd content presented in Bullet Requiem, I would have to go with the overbearing breast jiggle animation on Schönheit. No matter what the busty heroine does, her chest almost never stops bouncing all over the place. While you can’t really calm her tits, this minor detail can be easily forgiven when you consider that most Japanese games with sexy content as the focus, do not know what subtlety is.

The Gallery “gameplay” is conveniently set in a rape dungeon.

BulletRequiem is D-lis’s good first attempt at creating a fun and engaging side-scrolling shooter with a lot of good, pervy content mixed in. Some of the implemented game mechanics are by no means stellar in execution, but with some patience and a bit of practice should be easy to overcome by most players. I will be looking forward to any new titles announced by this developer in the future.

Bullet Requiem is now available for purchase on the English version of DLsite.

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