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Popular eroge developer Eternal has come back with a new strategy RPG set in the world of the Kikouyoku Senki series, Kenseiki Alpha Ride.

Eternal has come out with a new game, which is a fantasy SRPG where the protagonist has been summoned to a kingdom in a completely different world. What makes this game more unique than the sum of its parts is that there are two protagonists, and you get to see and experience the game from both perspectives! How will these two meet, fight, or even team up?

Another point of interest is how the fighting system has evolved since it was first shown off. The battles progress like a typical 3D tactical sim, but if your comrades are around, they can help you progress in battles more efficiently. Against a strong enemy, you can have your allies strengthen you or hinder the enemy to give you an advantage in battle. Naturally, a solid grasp of the six different affiliations of physical attacks (cut, pierce, and bash) and magical ones (fire, water, and lightning) are needed for victory. If you want the best mission rating, go as quickly as you can while still attempting to complete battles in the most efficient way possible.

Kenseiki Alpha Ride is a completely new story set in the Kikouyoku Senki series, along with Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina (Yumina the Ethereal) and Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no CoronaYumina the Ethereal was translated into English by JAST USA’s eroge brand, JAST Densetsu, and was released in both physical and download forms in August of 2013.  Yumina the Ethereal is a very good spot to start your adventure with the series before engaging yourself with Kenseiki AlphaRide, and is highly recommended. Before you do that, however, check out our translation of the game’s Getchu page to learn everything about this title’s story, characters and gameplay. We also threw in few raunchy screenshots to whet your appetites even more.

Story [White]

Your irreplaceable daily life turns to fantasy, growing far and hazy.

A morning where your annoyingly loud father comes to meet you, your boring school days, and the totally usual friend next door. The protagonist leading an extremely normal life, Souma Kai, meets a turning point when he starts to see really strange dreams. Himself wielding a sword in a strange land, his dirty hand, and the smell of iron that he can’t get rid of. He leads his life worrying about these strange dreams. One day, he starts noticing changes in himself as well. His father, who already knows about the other world, makes everything clear.

“Those dreams will become your reality very soon.”

Kai’s household has a pedigree that will force him to be drawn into this otherworldly conflict. Hearing this ridiculous story, Kai can’t help but hide his bewilderment. The spontaneous meeting with the siblings Shino and Shizuma, the feelings and the time they share will finally show him that the daily life he used to know is being crushed. Looking at the back of his father, who’s burying his sadness, Kai senses that ahead lies a fate that he can’t escape.

When he’s summoned, wandering around in that pitch black maze, Kai realizes that his dreams and reality have done a complete reversal.

Story [Black]

Protect that one and only person that means the world to you.

Determined to take his stepsister Shino back with him, the protagonist, Takebuchi Shizuma, sets foot into the utter blackness. After falling into Rougewater, a country degenerating due to its belief in spiritual salvation, Shizuma is taken captive. Awaiting him in the city he’s taken to are two people: his older sister, who’s become an almost soulless doll, and what appears to be a young girl, Stigma, and a world that is ruled by one rule: kill or be killed. In order to reach his sister and save them both, he dirties his hands with blood.

“Whether this reward is worth it or not, it’s up to you people to determine that.”

Wanting to take back their freedom, Shizuma enters the real hell of the battlefield.

A sword-wielding girl named Selene, a sacred vow with Stigma, and a powerful enemy that stands in his way. The gears of fate keep turning, making Shizuma unable to leave, drawing him onward in an ominous tide.


Souma Kai (CV: Aoi Kaito)

The game’s protagonist. A descendent of a household of musicians, he was raised to be a savior when the world of Ordercool is in danger. Learning of his fate, he has strange dreams that beckon him to become a knight of the kingdom Granvillio, where he’s summoned. He hates being tied down, but sensing that he can’t escape his fate, he participates in battle. Upon meeting Alphalia, the partner he’s supposed to form a sacred pact with, she shows him how he can follow his own thoughts and look for his own path. He lives alone with his father, the master of a sword dojo. He was blessed with an immense talent for the sword, but, to keep it a secret, he was never told of this. Privately, his favorite hobby is cooking. Since his father is laid-back when it comes to regular living, he does all the housework as well. Because of this, his skill repertoire is actually pretty extensive.

“I’ll decide this by my own will.”

Alphalia (CV: Ogura Yui)

An android girl found in some ruins within Granvillio. Created for the coming war as a secret weapon, she was hidden; however, uncommon for androids, she has her own ego and is quite expressive. She’s pure and very inquisitive, with little sense of danger. Due to her pure, childish personality combined with her not knowing the reason she’s constantly being monitored and protected, she wears her caution towards the people around her on her sleeve. Yearning for freedom outside where she was detained, she used the cunning she learned from picture books to engineer her own escape. After meeting Kai, who had been summoned to Granvillio, she opens her heart to him because of his kindness. After forming a sacred pact with Kai, she can transform into the abnormally powerful “Sacred Sword.”

“Painful things and scary things are okay as long as I’m with Kai.”

Leteora (CV: Arisugawa Miyabi)

The queen of the Sacred Sword Kingdom of Granvillio. A successor to her father as king, she becomes the 16th “Sacred Sword”, leader of the country’s knights. After the war had begun, she followed royal tradition and summoned Kai. She treats him as a hero and savior, joining him on the battlefield. Being completely bright and clean-handed, she strives to be what she believes a true knight should be. In light of her feats and charisma, she’s adored by many of her subjects; however, by contrast, some of her retainers have begun calling her “an immature little girl”, due to her young age and idealism. Because of her father’s policy of raising her as a knight, she’s unaccustomed to being treated as a woman. The end result of her unfamiliarity with the interaction between sexes has led to doing things that cause trouble for Kai.

“My safety isn’t a reason to cower behind the backs of others.”

Titis (CV: Mizusaki Raimu)

A knight working directly for the royal knights of Granvillio, Titis is an older pupil to Leteora, currently working to protect Alphalia and company. Her fight with Leteora ended with her giving the former the title of “Sacred Sword”, with many in the kingdom still believing her to be the strongest knight. Any swordsman entering into a “sacred pact” with her will be granted a swordswoman rivaling even a certain someone’s secret weapon. She’s many things, among them being diligent, serious, chivalrous and polite. Being extremely insightful as well, she recognized the type of person Kai was instantly, and granted him a place among her comrades. She’s unbelievably strong as a swordswoman, but also has a childlike side. Despite all that, she can’t do any chores or take care of herself very well, so most of her daily life falls in the care of Astela, who’s almost like a sister to her.

“Alright, how strong are you?”

Astela (CV: Hanakawa Nana)

A girl of the sword people race, serving as a royal knight in Granvillio. Being very gentle and kind, she doesn’t like conflict. In contrast to her gentle demeanor, she has almost superhuman strength. She once lifted Alphalia up in her sleep and managed to easily clear the rubble of a fallen castle out of the way. She’s fond of Alphelia because she can make sweets, and is the only member of her comrades that’s in the royal court. She helps out Alphalia during peacetime and stands with Titis on the front lines during the time of war.

“If your lecture is too long, our tea will get cold.”

Eligis (CV: Masukawa Youichi)

A royal knight of Granvillio. He was born in the East, and so he leads a squad of knights from there. He is skilled in many martial arts, but is most skilled with a bow. His skill is said to be so great that he could shoot down a passenger off a dragon’s back. To those who see him positively, he’s a quiet man; to his detractors, he’s viewed as cold. He’s not fond of excess, so he never talks more than is necessary to accomplish a mission. He doesn’t treat Kai or Alphalia any different from normal knights. As a typical soldier, he says he doesn’t care what he eats, but in truth, he has a sweet tooth. During peacetime, he uses dates from women as a front to visit royal sweet stores.

“Don’t except some nice words from me just because we’re comrades.”

Crescent (CV: Kanau)

A young woman of the sword people working as a royal knight in Granvillio. She made a “sacred pact” with Eligis, and works on the battlefield as his partner. She’s a leader in his squad, which is mostly comprised of rowdy people. Making the most of her flexible body, she’s an expert in the use of double swords. Personality-wise, she’s a very cold and realistic person. She doesn’t dream, acting only in reality. If she opens her mouth, only poison comes out, and while many people don’t like it, she has an extremely strong bond of trust with Eligis. She likes being alone in quiet places, and her hobby is taking nightly walks.

“In this squad full of ruffians from the sticks, there’s no need to calculate casualties.”

Calista (CV: Kishi Tomoka)

A knight in Granvillio’s Miridadol band. Born to a family of merchants out in the middle of nowhere, she polished her skill with a lance until she was one of the best. She wasn’t very ladylike during childhood, being rather bossy and often getting into fights because of it, which resulted in her becoming familiar with the sensation of battle. She trains everyday, aiming to be knighted like Leteora or Titis. She has a strong sense of duty, and will never forget a debt. She typically goes with Kai to the battlefield, and, feeling they’re on par with each other, is good friends with him. Because of a certain incident, she has mixed feelings toward Alphalia, the first android she’s ever seen.

“Don’t stop me, Kai! I’m gonna roast these guys!”

Enid (CV: Kaibara Erena)

A knight in Granvillio’s royal band, as well as Eligis’s aid. She’s not great with a sword, but she can use her magic to support her comrades from the back lines. She’s also an open-minded woman. Due to her flexible personality, she makes a good balance with the rigid Eligis. She makes all the food during camp, which she enjoys; however, it’s actually pretty dangerous, because she has to test for poisons as well.

“At the very least, please judge me as an individual.”

Yunis (CV: Serizomi Miya)

A former member of the Granvillio royal senate, and a close aide to Leteora. Carries the same royal blood as Leteora, and was actually a contender in the last succession battle. Her skills on the battlefield are average at best, but she’s very good with politics. She had the most influence during political meetings, even including the older members. She’s the complete opposite of the dream-chasing Leteora, guiding and sometimes admonishing her in according with Granvillio policy. Her political policies are opposed to those of the military leader, Toujin.

Toujin (CV: No☆Boru)

The leader of Granvillio’s military knights and a frivolous old man that enjoys sweet-talking ladies at bars. Those close to him have taken to calling Toujin a perverted old man. Underneath his good-humored exterior, he has a vast military record of achievements, such as instructing Eligis and Titis in the way of the sword. Knowing that most knights like to face one another head-on in a fair fight, he uses any means he can in order to win and survive. He treats Kai as neither a hero nor a savior, but as a regular young man, sometimes scorning his behavior.

“Well, wiping asses is what old men are best at.”

Ivan (CV: Tahou Man)

A royal knight of Granvillio who leads a small company under Eligis’s main squad. He may be an old man now, but he’s proven his worth to Granvillio many times in the past. Contrary to his appearance, he’s actually a very considerate man. He cares for new recruits, and often helps Kai out, due to just being summoned and not knowing anything. Nagged by his wife, who works outside the army, he even makes sure to take care of his pet dog.

“Protect her, Kai.”

Takebuchi Shizuma (CV: Sawa Manaka)

The other main protagonist of the game. Originally, he was just a normal student unaware of his hidden power and of the fate that accompanied it. Upon seeing his step-sister, Shino, disappear right in front of him, he chased after her, answering through his own will a summoning ritual and arriving in Ordercool. Caught on the border of the Rougewater theocracy, he was made into a slave, where he ironically met up with his sister again, as well as another girl named “Stigma.” Wanting only to save his sister and return to their own world, his days of battle and bloodshed began. As his true self bloomed on the battlefield, he slowly lost the humanity he possessed until then. Originally a good, serious student, he harbors just a bit more than simple brotherly love for his stepsister, Shino, especially after the disappearance of their parents after a trip abroad.

“I’ll get her back. For certain. I don’t care what I have to do, or what I have to sacrifice.”

Stigma (CV: Naruse Mia)

An android girl who looks just like Shizuma’s step-sister. Kept in the custody of the Rougewater military as a weapon, she waited for the person that would form a “sacred pact” with her. The jet black color of her true form is opposite that of the pure white Alphalia. She’s Shizuma’s “Sacred Sword.” Since she resembles his sister despite not being her, Stigma’s relationship with her contractor, Shizuma, is basically a complex support role. As with most androids, her ego and expressions are very slight; however, through spending time with Shizuma, she becomes a bit more human, recognizing her abilities and her adoration for Shizuma. She places her work for Shizuma above all else, and thinks of it as her reason for existence. She’s thrilled from the bottom of her heart at the way Shizuma treats her, despite her own beliefs that she was supposed to be nothing more than a tool. That happiness causes her some confusion at times.

“If I can protect you, I’ll fight anyone.”

Selene (CV: Miru)

A girl of the sword people, she meets Shizuma somewhere around the border of Rougewater, though she can’t recall anything prior to that. As a member of the sword people, she wants to increase her skill with weapons, but she has a cowardly personality and is afraid of the battlefield. Unwilling to kill enemies, whether it’s as a weapon or a fighter, she saves her strength and doesn’t use it. After he saved her in a time of distress, she sees Shizuma as a person she should form her “sacred pact” with, and thus becomes his comrade. Despite yearning to add to Shizuma’s strength, she’s constantly worrying about whether she’s actually slowing him down or not. She sees Stigma as a friend on the battlefield, but upon noticing that she’s also a special person to Shizuma, small feelings of jealousy are rooted in her. She’s also completely and utterly terrible with directions; she sometimes can’t even make it back home after departing, and needs a guide whenever she ventures to the royal court.

“This is a meeting that, for me, is so great that I must be grateful to God for allowing it.”

Dalia (CV: Aoyama Yukari)

One of the squad leaders of the Roguewater military band, Dia Velos, and former sword slave. She quickly teamed up with Shizuma on the battlefield, becoming his right-hand tactician. Born into a family of Rougewater priests, she warned the Pope that he was in danger of becoming a puppet, and incurred the wrath of the military, getting her and her entire family sold into slavery. Since then, she learned swordsmanship and survival techniques at a very young age. Because of her enslaved past and loss of her family, she identifies with Shizuma and encourages him. Despite her shackled background, she never lost her spirit, and still dislikes cowardly fights or harming innocents. However, due to her ruthlessness on the battlefield, she’s feared by many, and was given the name “Carcharias.”

“Even if your life is only today, I won’t allow you to throw it away.”

Efrem (CV: Hachijuu Ichi)

One of the squad leaders of the Roguewater military band, Dia Velos, and former sword slave. He was caught around the same time Shizuma was. From the far north of Rougewater, he grew up in a poor village. “Steal and kill if you want to survive,” would best describe the kind of life he leads. Despite that still not being enough to keep him fully fed, he has an impressive will to live. No doubt due to his upbringing, he has a confrontational personality takes leads to him taking whatever he wants. Knowing that sparing the purloined after he robs them will eventually lead to vengeful tendencies, he lives by the motto “Kill all your enemies.” He values freedom above all else, and tries to allow others the same freedom he would enjoy; however, if their interests clash with his, he’ll kill them without hesitation. While part of him sees Shizuma as a disgusting guy, he recognizes his conviction and considers him a comrade.

“You think someone that takes from everyone would hesitate during a little fist fight?!”

Victor (CV: Akiyama Itsuki)

One of the squad leaders of the Roguewater military band, Dia Velos, and former sword slave. He’s in charge of the band’s infantry, is Shizuma’s right-hand man when it comes to strategy, and possesses an insane ability to survive. Hailing from a village in the southern deserts, he held different beliefs than the official holy church of Rougewater, but was invaded and became a convert. He was confined as a sword slave for a very long time, and as a result, slowly lost any feelings for his homeland, generally becoming hopeless overall. He met Shizuma as a fellow prisoner and helped him realize his dream of freedom, despite Shizuma having no actual plan to base it on. He has an intellectual and calm personality, and perhaps due to his long life as a slave, he sometimes says and does things that make him seem way older than he is.

“You can survive even inside a dragon’s belly; as long as you desire no freedom.”

Takebuchi Shino (CV: Naruse Mia)

Shizuma’s older step-sister. Was a senior at the school Kai and Shizuma used to attend. She’s always bright and clear, no matter who she’s talking to, though Shizuma would say that she’s defenseless and naive. She also loves to help people, which may be why she’s a bit meddlesome. Above all, she pretends she’s watching over Shizuma as an older sister when she’s really just trying to help him in every single thing he does. She sometimes jumps to the wrong conclusion and is a bit foolish at times, which occasionally leads her to waste time on things that are fruitless. She’s had a weak constitution since birth and often gets sick with a fever, the frequency of which increased the more she aged. After a fit so bad that she actually lost consciousness, she disappeared right in front of Shizuma.

“Well, if there’s no answer, it’s a bit sad, right?”

Fignelia (CV: Momoi Ichigo)

One of the squad leaders of the Roguewater military band, Dia Velos. She was originally a commander on the Western front lines, but after political shifts in Rougewater, she was relocated to the central forces. Given how she’s in primarily in charge of a rough band of former slaves, she’s a freewheeling onee-san style commander. She’s generally accepted as a refreshing idiot, not only by others, but even by herself. She may possess the body of an adult, but she has the innocence of a child. Fortunately, she has no ambition or aspirations to speak of; she rose her rank by simply repelling enemies at the border. Getting called away from the political strife of the midlands was largely thanks to Shizuma. Having her own unique view of life and death, somewhere deep down, she’d like to die on the battlefield just like her military parents.

“This place is already enemy territory. Anyone that doesn’t want to get left behind, don’t lose sight of my ass!”

Shamala (CV: Aoyama Moka)

A member of the Roguewater military band, Dia Velos. She’s the aide of Fignelia, who is completely useless at filing reports and organization. She’s serious, but flexible, and is quite good at planning strategies. Following the law as little as legally possible, she uses a “carrot and stick” approach to command Fignelia’s soldiers. She’s adored as a mother figure that supports the squad from the background, but she’s adamant about not really being that old. She took a “commander test” in military school on a whim, and ended up in the elite class. Feeling doubtful about the fact that she’s just coasting through life, she’s constantly trying to find her goal for fighting.

“I’m not your mom or your honey.”

Layward (CV: Atono Matsuri)

The creator of the most powerful military band in the Rougewater midlans, Dia Velos, and the general that controls all four small groups within the main band. He’s the sacred pact owner of the sacred sword Myu. From his work in Middlestan, even people outside the country refer to him as a military king and regard him as a hero. In light of the growing distrust of the increasingly arrogant military headquarters, the Pope placed him in charge as the highest level commander. Looking upon his achievements, he’s fully aware that he’s a special person with natural talent. Using Rougewater as a foothold, he plans to create his own perfect, peaceful country. Although he detests corruption, and is fully aware of the burden of the lives and power he holds, he will sacrifice anything to obtain his dream.

“You’re smart. But you’re also a fool. I have no need for a fool as my subordinate.”

Myu (CV: Kikuno Ayane)

An android that formed a sacred pact with Layward and refers to him as master. She’s the same model of android as Stigma, so she fills something of an older sister role for her. At the top of Rougewater’s android military squad, she’s the most powerful weapon and is feared as “Luvel Kushi”. She fought alongside Layward in Middlestan, and together they dispatched the dragon “Varia Sierra” that made up the main firepower of Ulda’s forces. She becomes the sword and shield of her master, but also sees herself as little more than a tool, barely possessing any emotions. Back at Layward’s mansion, she forced the residential help to allow her to take care of him herself as well.

“Master, please reconsider. The risk is too great.”

Lydia (CV: Misonoo Mei)

The head of the sect of the national religion of Rougewater, and holder of the most authority behind the Pope. She’s also the acting Pope’s only daughter. Expected to be the next pope, she’s respected and called a holy maiden. She knows very little of the world, having been born and raised in the church; however, because she was raised by her father and exposed to the people around him, she’s very sensitive to the type of people that flock to power. She has an introverted, shy personality and isn’t very good with social intercourse. She’s also a dreamer. She’s afraid of most of the military and their cold regard for life, yet finds herself attracted to Shizuma, who watches out for her.

“I thought everyone in the military were all scary people.”

Veridadea (CV: Himekawa Airi)

A knight serving The Kingdom of Middle’s Queen, Yupshira. Being a member of the swords people, she’s a serious and responsible individual, but she also has a kind heart. She started as friends before becoming a knight for her master, Yupshira, and is treated kindly by her comrades. After her motherland Middlestan was invaded and conquered, she rounded all her surviving comrades together and made a traveling band. In trying her best to serve the queen that lost her kingdom, she becomes fully aware of her own inexperience, and tries her best to improve. After fighting numerous battles alongside Yupshira, she ends up meeting Kai and Shizuma. However, her young body still doesn’t know whom to serve with a “sacred pact.”

“I won’t let you lay a finger on Yupshira-sama!”

Yupshira (CV: Basara Rin)

The kingdom of Middlestan’s first queen. Beloved by her subjects and comrades, she was in the middle of considering a successor when Middlestan was conquered and destroyed. She then began traveling around the world with a small party of her former comrades, searching for a way to restore her kingdom, even if only a little. Right before the king, her older brother, had perished, itself causing the invasion that ruined her kingdom, she made a sacred pact with the dragon of destruction, Jiramentsu. With the dragon as her partner, she wandered around the battlefield of her most hated major countries. It was there she met Kai and Shizuma, though she had no idea about the real power hidden within this encounter. For now, she’s just wandering around with her comrades.

“Don’t make fun of all the slight mistakes! I don’t care!”

Miella (CV: Oukawa Mio)

One of Yupshira’s followers, as well as Isell’s twin sister, she’s a member of the swords people that formed a sacred pact with Yupshira. She first met Yupshira when she was staying in a small village back when the country was at peace, and they soon became comrades. Rather than a master-servant relationship, they have what’s closer to an equal friendship. She ventured with Yupshira after Middlestan was destroyed. Even as a sword, she keeps Yupshira in her place as they travel; you could even say she supports Yupshira in several ways. She loves beauty, and is obsessed with elegant fights without too much flair.

” ‘Geez’ is what we should be saying…”

Isell (CV: Ui)

One of Yupshira’s followers, as well as Miella’s twin sister, she’s also a member of swords people who formed a sacred pact with Yupshira. She respects Yupshira as her master and remains something of a neutral friend to her. She doesn’t like standing out, so she usually hides by Miella. She’s plain, quiet, calm, and very taciturn. She’s especially quiet about things that concern herself. She thinks of herself as someone who isn’t special enough to even be worth discussing, and thinks her way of life to be shallow. Reading is her hobby, and she loves the tranquil silence.

“What a troublesome master.”

Iota (CV: Momose Poko)

An android girl that serves Yupshira. She was originally Ulda’s possession, but became Yupshira’s after she was kidnapped. She’s calculating and machine-like, with hardly any emotions; however, perhaps due to her traveling with Yupshira, she smells more of human than the average android. Hating impossible, no good, or reckless things, she won’t attempt something that’s beyond her abilities. Though she wouldn’t say it, she harbors some doubts about Yupshira’s resistance movement as well. Despite that, considering her debt to Yupshira, she follows her without saying anything.

“Incomplete responses will likely leave a larger grudge. We should do it.”

Ralgeist (CV: Horikawa Shinobu)

The heir of the Ulda Empire, and the commander of the entire army. He formed a sacred pact with the oldest, strongest dragon of the empire: Fervent, nicknamed “Varia Sierra”, a title reserved for only the strongest of weapons. An arrogant man, he considers everyone beneath him to be his pawns, little more than tools to be used. He isn’t even afraid to look down upon his own old man. While pandering to the current Emperor, he plans to use military might to make the entire country kneel before and obey him. His intense actions and attitude have also marked him as a dangerous person to the princes of other countries.

“Simple beasts that merely know how to play with puppets will never become rulers.”

Beatrix (CV: Makuta Yuu)

Ulda’s cool-headed female general. She’s the bastard of a mistress of the Emperor. Her mother died at a young age, and after her father had collapsed due to an illness some years later, she decided to join the military to protect her little brother from the political fighting around them. During the war with Middlestan, she used one of the strongest weapons, Orderelial, nicknamed “Varia Sierra.” She essentially took down the capital and forced those in power to flee. After this achievement, she was named Ralgeist’s right-hand in military affairs. Presently, she is stationed in the ruins of Middlestan with her soldiers, doing everything she can to deal with the constant guerrilla attacks.

“Forward, brave sons of Ulda! Trample her enemies beneath you!”

Dazbelk (CV: Hachiouji Takao)

Ulda’s 13th prince, and the youngest heir to the throne. Because they share the same mother, he is Beatrix’s little brother. He inherited his large amount of pride from his father, and holds contempt for the tribes around the border, branding them as “country bumpkin savages.” Due to his half-royal heritage, his standing in the court is quite low, and he’s often dispatched to the front lines. He defends the border of Rougewater, a task made easier thanks to a sacred pact formed with Noatone, one of weapons dubbed the “Varia Sierra”. He doesn’t have much love for the throne, and instead just focuses on granting the wish of his beloved older sister.

“Remember this face, black armored warrior! On my pride, I will defeat you!”

Baltes (CV: Tahou Man)

A general at the center of Ulkius’s main military forces, as well as a war buddy and adviser of the emperor. From the invasion of Granvilio 30 years ago to the Middlestan conflicts, he’s been the commander for many military affairs. Above all, he’s an expert in combat against machines, and boasts an impressive record battling against them. At first glance, he follows Largeist’s orders, but he’s actually very skeptical of the man’s poor attitude and thirst for power. Perhaps because all of the family are or were military, he supports queen Beatrix the most.

“Just an old man’s instincts. If you wanna talk, first release that girl.”


Battle system and features:

Over 50 units! Over 70 maps and missions! During the SLG phase (SLG standing for “SimuLation Game”, a phrase used by the Japanese to broadly describe anything that simulates something within a game), take control of many allied units to destroy the enemy. Take advantage of the six different attributes and distinct character abilities to win battles! Equip accessories to boost the power of your units in battle, but bear in mind each unit can have two accessories equipped at once.

Either decrease the severity of their weaknesses or accentuate their strengths even further; it’s up to you. Attack enemies in the SLG phase and you’ll be transferred to a battle. Each unit at your disposal has a “support range” associated with them. If any other allies are in that unit’s support range when battle is initiated, they can participate as “support units.” Support units can use “reaction skills” to assist the unit(s) actually engaging in battle. These reaction skills work on an “interrupt” basis. Interrupt is a condition you must satisfy to activate the abilities. This condition can be tasks like “attack an enemy”, “be attacked by an enemy”, “take damage”, etc. Take advantage of these interruptions to activate your skills and win battles! All units use “skills” in order to attack enemies. These skills can be buffs like increased HP and defense, debuffs such as reducing enemy defense and accuracy, or just attacks. These also tie into support abilities as well, so make sure you strengthen them in a way that takes each ability into consideration! Skills have six attributes and two types, which are cut, pierce, and bash (physical type) and fire, ice, and lightning (magic type).

There are also two general types of skills governing those as well: action and reaction. Action skills deal damage to enemies via magic or physical attacks, and are essential for doing any sort of real damage. Reaction skills, as mentioned earlier, are skills that activate after certain conditions are met. These are usually buffs or debuffs, such as restoring an ally’s HP or reducing an enemy’s defense. You need SP to use these skills, so make sure to keep an eye on that during battle, in order to ensure you defeat enemies in the most advantageous way possible.

Finally, it’s possible to combine units to form very powerful unions. Sword people and androids that have formed a sacred pact and fulfilled certain in-battle conditions can combine with units next to them to unleash powerful attacks. These attacks are very powerful, but they consume massive amounts of SP. Not only do you need SP to activate the skills in this form, but it’s also consumed at the end of each turn when you’re combined. If you run out of SP, your units are separated. Be sure to wait for just the right time to use this feature.

Gameplay video and opening:

The digital censored Japanese version of Kenseiki Alpha Ride is now available at Getchu for 7,852 yen. Erotic games rich in both story and gameplay are still a very rare sight, but LewdGamer hopes that this small gem gets picked up by an English publisher and brought over to the West in a timely manner.

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