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LewdLook: Fap Ninja

First, a little about me. I’m not a big hentai man, dont really even do much in the way of phone games and prefer visceral, big-budget, high-end games. So, this is a leap into the unknown and unexplored.

My first activity was to download the app from http://mikandi.com/app/13321 . This installs an appstore called Mikandi from which Fap Ninja is installed. Once done, I’m in!

First impressions bring a smile to your face as you instantly recognise its tongue wedged firmly in its cheek. You see from the get go that this is meant to be fun over sexy. It has a tune blasting out at high speed sounding like (if you have ever been to Japan) it’s advertising virtually every product sold in japan. Saccharin synths at a ridiculous BPM, thrown together with a colourful, anime styled front end. You have no doubt, Japan is the main influence in this game. From the music, the art, to the sentiment. From a western perspective, the Japanese have a more open view of sex in general with an emphasis on fun. You have that attitude in buckets with Fap Ninja.

To the game…It runs very well on a low end phone (reviewed on a Samsung SII GT-I9100 circa 2011) and I found the animation smooth and silky. The graphics are well styled and have a flash animation feel to them.

The game consists of 25 very short minigames that start off at a reasonable speed and progressively get quicker and “quickerer”. All of these games last seconds. You have to concentrate with very little time given to assess the situation. On your first go, you will tend to lose simply for not knowing what the hell to do. After a few attempts and getting used to what you need to do, it becomes easier and faster. New animations and tasks are thrown into the mix to test your reaction times and emulates learning apps that ask you to perform simple tasks in very fast times. Obviously, the massive dildos, cockrings and a sexually deviant octopus remind you that this is not an app for learning:)

I played this with my girlfriend who, after watching me play a few times, wanted to have a try herself. We both found ourselves laughing at the funny animations and ridiculous situations. Its funny, sexy and a good icebreaker for young couples to have some safe fun, broaching the subject without anyone feeling dirty or shamed. You may learn a few things about sex and each other too.

Some consumers have asked for more polish but I feel they got it quite right. Yes, perhaps a bit more shading and maybe a few more frames of animation would be nice but generally it works well across the spectrum of phones and thats more important than pushing the fastest phones to their limits. I recommend this game to anyone, especially couples over 18 with a sense of humour and best of all, it’s free!

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