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LewdLook: DRAMatical Murder RE:Connect

DRAMatical Murder RE:Connect is a Yaoi (Gay) romance visual novel developed by Nitro+Chiral. RE:Connect is more or less a re-mastering of the original DRAMactical Murder game which spawned an anime of the same name. Before I continue it must be noted that I’m using a fan translation of the game which, unless you have a good grasp of Japanese the patch becomes essential.

DM RE:Connect starts in an 8-bit overworld where you are able to select storylines to follow. Each storyline contains a guy to romance, from a kinky German to a hacker Otaku (as an example) through a selection of multiple choice options that will lead to the good or bad ending. Once all endings are unlocked (each featuring their own cutscenes and music) two secret options will be unlocked in the overworld.

The game itself is very adult, though most of the graphic sex scenes are censored by pixelating penises (boo) and so forth. However, the strongest aspect of the game is its writing. Most people don’t watch porn for the plot, but being a visual novel DM RE: Connect is required to have one.. And damn is it good.

The plot mostly follows on from the previous game, though it’s not required for you to have played it to understand this one. The fan translation is superb and each romance contains its own short story which is well written and follow the theme of romance and its outcomes both good and bad. Each gentleman that is sexually, and or romantically involved with the blue haired protagonist Aoba have varying looks and personalities along with sexual desires and wants. The aspect of the main character, Aoba being gay is handled well with the side characters and main romancers of each storyline and even the sex scenes are well written and well voice acted.

The only negative I have found is that it’s not very interactive. You have little choice and impact in the sex scenes and the changes to each plot follow a yes or no algorithm that can be hard to guess at times. Sometimes you will be choosing something that you think is the right thing only to get the bad ending. However, since you may want to see both endings anyway this comes down to trial and error. Plus, it’s a visual novel, there are no real fail conditions or state for the game.

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