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Update: Due to personal reasons, Unwonted Studios has stepped down as publisher for this particular title. The Kickstarter of A Tiny Light has been cancelled in light of this event. LewdGamer has received this message on good authority and will provide more information on this setback in due time.

A Tiny Light: Last Hope promises mystery and intrigue in its pre-alpha demo, which has been provided to us by courtesy of the publisher, Unwonted Studios.

This upcoming visual novel is the first test for Ignem studios and Ulpo Media, who are newcomers to the game production scene. Its demo did provide me some insight on the concept and overall aesthetics of the game, but didn’t reveal any lewd content, which will be implemented in the future. The opening of the demo sets the tone for its sci-fi premise and reveals three characters that will play a pivotal role in this scenario.

The first female character, who remains unnamed, shows the despair that her species —  the near-human Fireflies —  deal with on a daily basis and did manage to pique my interest momentarily. The second character is a man named Haruo who works for a futuristic welfare agency. His agency’s goal is to monitor and increase birth rate in a reduced human society. Finding a solution to this problem isn’t an easy feat, as he is distracted from his struggles due to not finding a suitable mate of his own. His thought process is interrupted further by Meiko, his neighbor and third character in this demo. The girl next door trope was obvious to me from first glance, although her presentation remains in accordance with said trope, with all benefits and faults this provides.

With the exception of the unnamed female character at the beginning, the concept of these characters isn’t anything new and did not manage to impress me. However, I will not judge a book by its cover and will reserve my judgment on these characters for now.

That being said, that cover is a very pretty one as far as visual novels go, and I happened to like the look of the portrayed cast and environment. The aesthetics show quality and follow a unique style alongside a good attention to detail. I did manage to find some faults in the writing department, as some dialogue interactions were awkwardly constructed and could have been refined better in terms of sentence structure.

A Tiny Light: Last Hope is a title to watch out for and could become a good – or perhaps even great game. The sci-fi premise is interesting, but it just needs to refine more on its originality and the dialogue between its characters to avoid becoming a common visual novel. Interested players can support the title on Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight.

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