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LewdLook: Malise and the Machine

Malise and the Machine is an upcoming adult RPG for PC from Eromancer Games. The game draws inspiration from RPG classics such as the Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy series.  At the same time it seeks to be an original combat oriented hentai RPG, and so far it appears to be doing fairly well on that front. Characters are customizable with various outfits and weapon types that modify their stats, play-style, and how hentai content is presented.

“Here’s a brief summary of gameplay elements that are either integrated already or are being planned/designed:

- A fast paced active time battle system featuring a  party of two with real-time H-content

- Complex skills, status system, balancing, and actual challenging gameplay (gasp)!

- Quality AI

- A fleshed out story told through events with detailed character artwork

- An array of armor types for each character with their own unique visuals and play-styles

- Crafting

- Armor and weapon upgrade system

- A whole lot of loot to feed the crafting and upgrade systems

- Non-linear story/quest/progression elements

- A custom user interface designed to maximize effectiveness of the biggest feature: H-content”

The game is being designed to feature the hentai content as a directly integrated feature of the gameplay, instead of an addition as seen with many games of this type. Many titles in this genre insert hentai content as an outcome of a failure, which means you must sacrifice progression to get the full experience. In Malise and the Machine you are rewarded with hentai content for surviving and progressing through the levels. The sexual content is directly integrated into the battle system featuring a “struggle” system in which it appears your characters outfits are shredded during combat with enemies. According to the developers this “struggle system” will be directly affected by stats and skills as well as event consequences within the story.

“Here is a basic summary of the H-content elements that are being designed for the game:

- Real time battle H-content that is strongly influenced by characters’ armor, level, and stats.

- In-battle H system that combines the best aspects of RoR titles with traditional RPG H-games.

- Unique clothing destruction system.

- Unwarranted amounts of happy jelly.

- Highly varied enemy types (humans/androids/robots, beasts, insects, tentacles, and more!)

- Beasts, tentacles, insects, vore, and more will be included.

- A ridiculous amount of highly detailed artwork

- A gallery system to view higher quality versions of the ridiculous amount of highly detailed artwork”

The game is still in early development but appears to be a unique offering of a type rarely seen in this genre. The art style is quite aesthetically pleasing, well done, and should be quite nice to see in action. All in all, Malise and the Machine is shaping up to be what could be one of the best original hentai games seen in some while. Check out their blog for more updates as development continues, and if you are so inclined support the devs via their patreon.

Source: Eromancer Patreon Source: Eromancer blog

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