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Studio FOW's "Scarlet Nights Episode 1" Featuring Harley Quinn Released

Noted porn machinima group Studio FOW has released more SFM rule 34 goodness: a full, 20-minute long movie titled Scarlet Nights – Episode 1: Fever, with Harley Quinn as the star.

The beautifully detailed porn production, centering around Batman this time around, features the Joker’s lovely blonde slut minion, Harley Quinn, being captured and subjected to all manner of rape and other ungodly non-consensual sex acts. Here is what Studio FOW have to say about it:

It’s complete anarchy in Gotham as StudioFOW launches its depraved new series! Without the Dark Knight around there’s a distinct lack of fear around the city, but as the Clown Princess of Crime is about to discover, there are far more terrifying things lurking in Gotham’s seedy underbelly. Lesson one of this new Gotham is don’t piss off the wrong guys…



Scarlet Nights – Episode 1: Fever


Director/ProducerDarkcrowAnimatorMoneyshotModelingMickeyMackModelingRedMenaceModelingGanonmasterCumpaintQwertFucksmithing ExecutiveMr KristoffHighly Assured Comicbook Lore ConsultantBeamwireEditor, Writer, VFX, Sound Design, Foley, DP, Cinematography, and HypemasterDarkcrow

Voice Cast

Harley QuinnZeroDiamondsJokerSir Seymour WankingtonBlack MaskMr KristoffMysterious Narrator – DeepthroatBarbara GordonSTARJim Gordon – JanusPoison IvyAlexiaAzraelNixonBlack Mask ThugsOzzy , Mr Kristoff, Darkcrow, Rexx, Nixon, Sir Wankington


Here are some pictures of the movie for your viewing pleasure. Studio FOW really outdid themselves on the skin textures this time around:

And of course, why wait for a download if you can watch Studio FOW’s Scarlet Nights – Episode 1: Fever on this very page?

You can, as always, head out to Studio FOW’s Tumblr and download the .mp4 for yourself. The Tumblr contains all their works, from long, AAA-tier animations like the Kunoichi series, to shorter, five-or-so minute long (but still very high quality) clips they produce as raffle prizes for their Patreon supporters. Speaking of which, here’s Studio FOW’s Patreon, where you can support them if you found their work sufficiently impressive.

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