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Newest Figurine from Dragon Toy Up for Pre-order, Features Reiko from Fault!!

Figurine maker Dragon Toy has just opened up pre-orders for a new and very sexy H-figurine featuring Reiko Date Wingfield from the hentai OVA series Fault!!

The new figurine, which shows Reiko with a lifted-up skirt and a wet T-shirt, fingering herself with one hand inside her panties (yes, it’s extremely lewd) is sculpted on a 1/6 scale by figurine sculptor and artist Chocomint, and stands tall at 28.5cm (11.2 inches). It’s based on an original illustration by renowned H-artist Tony Taka (sadly a copy of it is not included in the purchase). Here’s some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The PVC figurine is pre-assembled, requiring no work, paint, or glue on the collector’s part.  It’s scheduled for release on September 2016, and as always with these high-quality figurines, it’s a limited collectible. The figure is castoffable – you can take off both the skirt and the panties, leaving Reiko nude from the waist down. It is available for pre-order from AmiAmi here, at a price of ¥12,600 (around $114 US), plus shipping. If you’re interested in watching the Fault!! animation, you can grab Fault!! volumes on DVD at CDJapan . As for Dragon Toy, they have a large catalog of figurines up for pre-order on AmiAmi. They’re all, of course, of lewd, sexy girls.

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