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Illusion's Play Club Realizes Sex Dungeon Dreams

Play Club, Illusion’s latest 3D sex simulator title, lets you explore all the pleasures of having forceful sexual relations at a real house of lust.

As with previous Illusion titles such as Artificial AcademyArtifical Girl or SchoolMate, Play Club focuses on giving players the most realistic and sensual 3D sex simulation with a plethora of customization options for both female and male characters. The game developers now boast a new game engine capable of realistically emulating various aspects of the human body—with a special focus on female breasts.

A Hongfire forum user going by the name of Dr Yoshi has translated the various features of the game along with its premise from the game’s official Japanese site.

Our most-advanced realisation : Real-time Ero Body

Female bodies texture, breast movements, H motions, fluids, maps, shadows, customisations… all of those received a large-scale power-up! Thanks to the newly-developed “Ero Real Shader”, more real than anything made so far, you will enjoy hard H!

Part 1 : A commitment to real female body

In Play Club, with the use of “Ero Real Shader”, you can freely customise the characters at any time to make them nicer.

(Breast) The new built-in Oppai Slider Special allows you to customise (breast) weight and tits !

(Head) Make your own unique faces with complete customisation of each element position, angle, size, etc…

(Body) Ero Real Shader powers up everything ! Thanks to the color and gloss settings, you can give life to a wide variety of character’s types.

Part 2 : Welcome to the shame and pleasure sex club !

Recurring in the mysterious house, is the feast of the lewdness demon club. Enjoy seeing those women, who were reluctant at first, gradually become unable to fight against the pleasure !

Women who were resisting at the beginning > are trained to pleasure > until they break

Also, enjoy your unique, exclusive H scene, by transforming the player into a giant, a dirty man, a woman, etc… Do not miss this forceful, dirty, beautiful H that you wouldn’t be able to experience habitually. * The “female” player can be customised *

Part 3 : H Scene Features

In Play Club, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of H scene features.

“Realtime Characustom” lets you customise your character during H

“Monkey Piston” enables a violent piston that matches the speed of your mouse clicks

“H Anywhere” allows you to freely position and rotate (the characters) inside the map with your mouse

“Free lighting” allows you to freely change the light source orientation. “Talk Voice” lets players listen to the characters current feelings Fully loaded with many more H features !

As you can tell from that lengthy description, Illusion is once again trying to think of new innovative ways of giving the players the most engaging and fun sexual adventures. The new technological, graphical and interface features should keep players occupied (in the lewdest sense of the word) for months. The very active modding community will also have a field day with this title and you can expect us to feature the most exciting mods as they are released in the next few weeks and months.

The Japanese version of Play Club is now available for purchase for the PC from AmiAmi as a back-order.

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