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Dragon Toy Opens Pre-orders for New Figurine - Miyo Lindbloom From Shinkyoku no Grimoire

Comic artist Erect Sawaru has been responsible for multiple hit H-manga, including the PANDRA series, Shinkyoku no Grimoire, and Kamikyoku no Grimoire; now, figurine maker Dragon Toy brings us a new figurine based on his illustrations.

Wait, what’s that? She has no face? Indeed. While there’s a conversation to be had about women’s place as faceless sex objects, Dragon Toy and Erect Sawaru make their point clear from the start by featuring Miyo Lindbloom from Shinkyoku no Grimoire with a paper bag over her face, legs spread, and enormous breasts naked and exposed beneath her cloak. Don’t worry though; if you want to see her lovely face, you can just take the bag off of Maya’s head:

The PVC figurine is cast-offable and is sculpted in a 1/6 scale by Honeystanding (or, well, sitting) at 23 cm (9 inches). It’s scheduled for release in October 2016. You can get it off J-List here for $219 USD plus shipping. Check out the description below:

Inspired by Comic Unreal’s Kamikyoku no Grimoire cover illustration by talented hentai artist Erect Sawaru, we have a great new figure of the busty heroine Miya Lindbloom. This wonderful figure is perfectly sculpted to look identical to the cover illustration. She is barely clothed with her enormous breasts half-exposed for you to enjoy plus accessories like glasses, paper bag, and more! By DRAGON Toy.

If this interested you, you can also check out the entirety of J-List’s figurine selection here . They’ve got a sexy anime girl for just about every taste. One could also check out Erect Sawaru’s own work —  the Grimoire series specifically — here , here , and here. He’s a fantastic artist, though the overwhelming amount of rape might be an acquired taste for some.

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