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After much grief, memes, looming threats of hiatuses, cries of “NEVER EVER,” and a full two years in development, hentai artist and developer Seismic has come through and released his much-anticipated game: Liru – Wolf Girl With You.

No, you are not reading that wrong! Liru – Wolf Girl With You has (also known as Together With the Wolf Girl) been released. It’s out, you can purchase it, you can play it, and yes, you can jerk off to it. Miracles, it turns out, do happen in this crazy world.

For those of you not aware, Liru – Wolf Girl With You is a sex sim. Of course, there’s a multitude of those out there, so you might wonder why the hype surrounds this particular game. That stems from the fact that Liru – Wolf Girl With You has been sold as a new step in H-game technology, featuring 3D models (with realistic 3D physics) that look and “feel” 2D, much in the vein of the recent fighting game release Guilty Gear Xrdas well as a “hands free” mode that allows you to control the game with a microphone without ever needing to touch your mouse or keyboard.

There’s also the game’s infamous schedule slip, with the game earning the nickname of “Never Ever Wolf Girl” in some circles as a result of the two years it spent languishing in development. Seismic had, at one point, lost his passion for animating cute girls in 3D being violated for the sake of pleasure, diverting his attention to other sultry pleasures in life. Fortunately, he stopped ogling aquatic life and returned to 3D animation to perform the miracle of gracing us with Liru – Wolf Girl With You.

If you’re interested, Liru – Wolf Girl With You is available in both English and Japanese over at Dlsite as a digital download for $18.15 USD. Here’s what the summary has to say:

Seismic’s massively anticipated anime is here! Heralding a lovey dovey roommate life with an ecchi-kawaii wolf girl!

On a full moon, you rescued a timid puppy, that is to say a puppy-human thing… indeed, she was a lupine.

That night was the beginning of a wild and sexy new life! Eating together, bathing together, rompy naughty things together… it’s a life of romance! We also have our quarrels but, she’s ever so perky!

[Product features]

* Beautiful animation

Feast your eyes on sizzling hot, endearingly cute quality 3DCG animation. Movies can be advanced scene-by-scene with a simple button click, and adjustable sex positions and your choice of “bukkake” or “internal cumshot”. Go too far? Click the “back” button to return to the previous scene.

* Bigger, smoother visuals!

The built-in video player gets an upgrade! Movies play in 720p widescreen and the player is optimized for even low-spec machines.

* Mood system

Choose from 3 moods that affect Liru’s status: general, romantic, aroused. Her reactions and dialogue dynamically change (2 per status, for 6 total patterns). Some scenes are only accessible when Liru’s in the right mood.

* Lip syncing

Liru’s voice acting is synchronized with her animation. Enjoy the heightened reality of dialogue! Production values above and beyond.

* “Shout” functionality

Play hands-free with the all-new voice command feature. Connect a mic to your computer and there’s no need for a keyboard and mouse, you can use your hands for anything else and enjoy “talking” with Liru.

* Japanese & English

Choose from Japanese and English subtitles in the user interface.

* Pause feature, Chapter select and more

Find and appreciate your favorite moments in ecchi movies with easy-to-use features. Scenes that have been viewed once can be easily accessed.

If this whole new development in the field of interactive hentai media has caught your attention, and if you purchased the game and enjoyed it, consider checking out Seismic’s Patreon , as well as some of his other top-notch content up for sale on DLsite.

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