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Gal Gun Double Peace, 2015 sequel to the 2011 hit rail shooter Gal Gun, will be coming to the West this July completely uncensored, and its ESRB rating has been revealed, as have the ratings of other boards.

Back when publisher PQube first announced that Gal Gun Double Peace would be making its way to the US and Europe, they made a specific point of mentioning through its PR manager that the game would be localized “intact”:

As it turns out, it appears that PQube have delivered on their promise. Addressing questions about possible censorship for the game, PQube’s head of marketing revealed on Twitter that the ESRB ratings board had given Gal Gun Double Piece a solid Mand apparently requested no changes to avoid an AO rating (the death knell for any game):


This is the full text of the rating summary:

Gal*Gun: Double PeacePlatform:PlayStation 4Rating Category: MContent Descriptors: Sexual ThemesRating Summary: This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a young boy named Hodai who has been shot by Cupid and must find his true love. Players move through levels, fend off female characters, and help several heroines through interactive scenes. These interactive scenes often depict female characters wearing revealing outfits (e.g., lingerie) in sexually suggestive positions (e.g., stuck in windows, arched on the ground, restrained by a tentacle monster). Players can activate a “Doki-Doki” mode, in which a 360-degree view of female characters is depicted; players attempt to bring characters (clothed) into a state of euphoria by using a cursor to click on various body parts (e.g., face, legs, chest). Sexual moaning sounds can sometimes be heard. The dialogue also contains sexual innuendo and provocative material (e.g., “Are you sure you can pull out in time?”; “Can you show me your boobs?”; “You’re doing it so hard… I think I’m about to…”; “I’ll rip your clothes off lustfully!”).

Comparing this information to what we’ve seen from the original Japanese release, there appear to be no changes made from the original content, nor has the game suffered any censorship. A victory, no doubt, considering how many Japanese games have gone under the awful knife of censorship recently, such as Criminal Girls 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Other ratings boards have also released their ratings for the game, albeit without such spectacularly detailed summaries. For Europe and Britain, PEGI has rated the game as 16 for “sexual images and innuendo.” USK for Germany has rated it 16, and the Australian OFLC has rated it 18+ for “sexual activity related to incentives and rewards” and scoring it as high impact for “sex,” and mild impact for “violence.” So far, then, it seems that not only has Gal Gun Double Peace avoided censorship, it has also avoided any problems with being sold or banned in Europe.

Gal Gun Double Peace will be releasing on July 15 for Europe and on July 19 in the US. You can get the Standard Edition from Rice Digital for $64.99 (for PS4) or $49.99 (for PS Vita). You can also get the Mr. Happiness limited edition with a ton of extra goodies, including a wall scroll, a panty-shaped screen cleaner, art book, and original soundtrack. It’s a Rice Digital exclusive, and you can get it here for $99.99 USD (for PS4) or $94.99 (for PS Vita) with free delivery worldwide.

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