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Dharker Studios newest title Summer Fling has been released early on Nutaku.

Dharker Studios, the creators of titles such as Club Life, High School Possession, and Beach Bounce, has just released their newest erotic visual novel Summer Fling on Nutaku. The game will feature full voice acting, along with an OST by Sam L. Jones, the composer for Divine Slice of Life, another one of the studio’s previous titles. For your reading pleasure, we’ve included a trailer, synopsis, sample CGs, and information on how to obtain the game below.

You are entering your summer break before university begins. And what better way to spend a summer break than at the lake with two friends, will the summer become an unforgettable time or will it just fade away.

Make your own choices on what to do as the story develops. Your choices will effect the events and the games final ending. Includes multiple endings with both girls and a ‘harem’ secret ending to unlock as well.

A fun, light hearted story of love on a summer weekend at the lake. Features:

- Multiple Choices that effect the endings.

- Steam Achievements & Trading Cards.

- Original Musical Score by Sam L. Jones.

- Choose the name for the protagonist.

- Romantic liaisons and a secret ending.

- New choices available after completing a story-line.

- Un-lockable CG Gallery.

- Fun, Tongue in Cheek Story.

- Slice of Life, Bishoujo style.

You can grab Summer Fling on Nutaku at a 15% discount for $11.00. The game also hits Steam on June 14th, and MangaGamer on June 16th. The Steam edition will have an uncensored patch available for free on Dharker Studios’ website, and the MangaGamer edition will be the adult release. For those of you who don’t run a Windows OS, the game appears to be compatible with Mac and Linux systems as well.

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