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Some new details and screens of the upcoming Akiba’s Beat have been released, giving us more information about the game and its characters.

It’s been hard and fast news lately for Akiba’s Beat. We first heard about the sequel to the equally wacky Akiba’s Trip about a week ago, and since then there’s been a few developments. One of the biggest and best of these was that old Akiba would be visiting us right here in the West.

So, what else do we know? Thanks to some newly released screenshots and details, quite a bit more. These have all been added to the Japanese Akiba’s Beat website, which is sadly still only available in Japanese. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for, so the details are as follows:



The setting of the game, the real life district of Akihabara has been lovingly re-created in HD! The intricate details of the city have been expanded on from the original.

The Delusions

Delusions are eroding the great city of Akihabara! The story begins when they begin to collide with reality, causing all sorts of problems for the locals.

Not only has the look of the city changed, but life within it has too. The hero of this story, Asahi, has become trapped in the world by something known as “repeating Sunday”. This groundhog-style situation means that time and again, Asahi must relive the same day. What will this mean for the delusions that fill Akihabara?

The Man in the Pink Cloak

As Akihabara is eroded by these delusions, a mysterious “Pink-Cloaked Man” keeps appearing to cause trouble. While he’s said to be at the heart of many incidents, his true identity is unknown.


Asahi Tachibana

Our 19-year-old hero. A total NEET (no education, employment, or training), he moved to Tokyo recently to pursue college enrollment. This didn’t last however, and he dropped out in his first semester. Since then, he’s been enjoying the NEET life in Akihabara, until one day, he discovers the delusions.

Saki Hoshino

An 18-year-old girl. Saki recently moved to the city to attend a vocational school. She’s been working with a strange creature called Pinkun, who acts as her familiar, since before she met Asahi. She and Pinkun plan to rid Akihabara of these delusions once and for all.


A mysterious creature that’s working with Saki. Everyone thinks Pinkun is ugly, but it mistakenly considers itself a really cute mascot.

[Note: For the record, we feel it’s kawaii as heck]

Riyu Momose

A 14-year-old idol, known to her fans as Rippyon. She conducts most of her idol activities right here in Akihabara, where she performs small concerts and meets fans. Riyu gets roped into the story when she too encounters the delusions. Likely to be a fan favorite.

Yamato Hongo

A 16-year-old boy. Yamato is a high-school student, but he looks a lot older than he is. Yamato likes to act cool, and says he has no interest in Akihabara or its culture. Still, Yamato can’t help but be impacted by the same delusions that are also affecting the others.

Mechanics & Gameplay

Delusion Palaces

Delusion Palaces will be a big part of the game, and act as the stage in which you battle. Asahi and his friends must fight their way through these labyrinthine dungeons, attempting to reach its deluded depths.


In his adventures, Asahi will encounter a number of monsters. These enemies are born of the delusions affecting Akihabara, each with a different theme depending on the delusion that spawned them. Asahi and his friends better be well prepared if they want to take them on!


By equipping his headphones, Asahi can change the tone of battle. Doing so will change the mode in which you fight, which opens up new strategies for you to discover.

That’s all the updates available for now, but stay tuned for more soon.

Akiba’s Beat is due out on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan this fall, with a Western release following closely behind this Winter. You can check out the trailer that plays on the game’s website below, which we recommend if you’re a fan of silly running animations.

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