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Some more details have emerged for Acquire’s latest game, Akiba’s Beat. A sequel to Akiba’s Trip, the game will feature a brand new cast.

A few days ago, we first got word of the latest game by Acquire – Akiba’s Beat. A lot more information has come out since then thanks to Acquire and Famitsu – including a release date – so let’s dive right in.

First up was this week’s edition of the Japanese gaming mag, which had a nice spread for the upcoming Akiba’s Beat. Famitsu graciously covered everything we needed to get started, and now thanks to Acquire, we’re seeing how it all fits together. Check out all the details below.


Akiba’s Beat will take place in the same location as its predecessor, Akiba’s Trip. Set in the painstakingly recreated Akihabara District – a real life location – players can wander around this vibrant economic hub, which has gained the nickname “electric town”. A place where many go to avoid reality, the town is beginning to reflect its inhabitants. Before long, time itself has been distorted, with our heroes finding themselves trapped in a “Never-ending Sunday”.

The Labyrinth of Delusions

Due to the swirling delusion that has taken hold, these special dungeons are born. Created from the minds of Akihabara’s inhabitants, these stages will become a place of battle for Asahi and friends. Its structure warps and changes depending on which delusion spawned it, including different enemies and patterns for each one. Asahi and friends must work hard to reach the depths of these “Delusion Palaces”.


Asahi Tachibana – “The Miracle NEET”

Our 19-year-old protagonist. Asahi moved to Tokyo recently to attend college, but found he had no motivation to continue. Asahi dropped out during his first Summer Vacation, and since then has been living the NEET life with no job or responsibilities.

Saki Hoshino – “The Innocent Daydreamer”

An 18-year-old girl who has recently moved to Tokyo, intending to attend vocational college. For some unknown reason, she’s been working closely with a familiar named Pin-kun since before she met Asahi. Saki hopes to destroy the “world of delusions” that has taken hold, bringing about peace once more.

Additional Characters

Pin-kun – A familiar that’s been working with Saki. It wrongly assumes that it has good looks.

Riyu Momose – A 14-year-old based in Akihabara (we don’t know much about him/her yet.)

Yamato Hongo – A 16-year-old living in Akihabara. He tries to act cool, but he hasn’t noticed that everyone thinks he’s super cute yet. Everyone seems to enjoy teasing him.

According to the team at Acquire, Akiba’s Beat is around 75% complete at this time. The game is due out in the fall of this year, though we don’t have an exact date for you just yet. The game will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, with no announcement of a Western release just yet.

Check out the brand new trailer below, which is also available on the newly opened Akiba’s Beat website.

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