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Developer Appetite, through publisher MangaGamer, has just released their latest game, My Boss’ Wife is My Ex. A visual novel, the game takes office romance to a new level.

Unless you have an exciting job (or you’re just odd), a day at the office can be pretty boring. Thanks to video games though, you can live vicariously through others, experiencing things you might not otherwise.

My Boss’ Wife is My Ex shows you what it would be like if that office fling really took off – to insane levels. My Boss’ Wife follows the story of Tomoki, a man who’s found himself in a bit of a situation; the new office manager, Shiho, is actually his ex. Hired by the president – her husband – the woman who had dumped him so many years ago is now in charge.

Strict, and with eyes in the back of her head, things at Tomoki’s company aren’t going as well as they used to. Nobody was happy, and her closeness to the president made things even worse. Thankfully for Tomoki and his co-workers, it didn’t last long.

Before losing his mind, Tomoki stumbles across a relic of his and Shiho’s relationship – sex tapes. Now with a powerful bargaining chip in his possession, Tomoki sets forth on his mission to remind Shiho just what she’s been missing.

Fans of corruption, light NTR and control will likely be right at home here, as My Boss’ Wife is My Ex touches on all of these. Players will lead Shiho on her journey to become the new water-cooler, with everyone in the office making good use. It doesn’t look like she’ll be given an easy ride, and there’s even some light BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Developed by Appetite, My Boss’ Wife is My Ex is available right now on MangaGamer. The game is currently priced at $14.95, and is on sale for today only (May 31st).

My Boss’ Wife is available to anyone running a modern Windows platform, from Windows XP to Windows 10. System requirements are so low as to be non-existent, so you shouldn’t worry too much about your specs.

While the game features nudity and adult themes, it does come with mosaics, and only Shiho is voiced.

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