If you build it, they will cum

Akiba’s Beat, a sequel to the quirky vampire-like stripping game Akiba’s Trip, has just been announced. First seen in Famitsu, it looks like the game will feature a brand new cast.

If you were around a few years ago, you might remember a little game called Akiba’s Trip. The game made the news due to a perceived controversy in its use of the word “trap”, with many an internet warrior claiming foul.

For fans, it was all just part of the fun, adding to the game’s tongue-in-cheek style. Those same fans must have made enough noise about their support too, as we’ve just received info that a successor is on the way.

The new game, titled Akiba’s Beat, will follow on from the first. While not too many details have surfaced just yet, we do know a few things.

Firstly, the game will only be available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This could change in future as the original can be found on Steam, where it has a positive rating with the niche market. We also know that the game will be similar in genre to the first, and will take the form of an action RPG.

Akiba’s Trip had a rather interesting premise. Set in a suburb of Tokyo, players would face off against a group known as the “Synthesizers”. Vampiric in nature, the Synths prey upon the unsuspecting local otaku, sucking out their life energy for their own gains. Those who are attacked become reclusive and withdrawn – a cheeky reference to otaku culture – whilst also becoming weak to sunlight.

This leaves you, the player, to sort things out. You do this by obliterating your enemy’s clothes, exposing their pasty white skin to the power of the sun. The game is culturally very Japanese – even the location has been created to resemble the real Akihabara district in which it’s set.

While we’re still waiting on all the details, developer Acquire has opened a new teaser site for us. Visiting the site will bring you to a countdown timer, which at the time of writing has around 66 hours left. What will happen when it hits the end? Stay tuned to find out more.

Check out this week’s edition of Famitsu for more.

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