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SFM Artist Pestilence Releases New Video, Features Harley Quinn From Batman

On May 11th, SFM artist and animator Pestilence released a new video for his Patreon supporters. The 2-minute-long clip, “Loose Ends”, features Harley Quinn from Batman forced to service her captor, only to be brutally murdered as thanks.

Earlier this week, Pestilence has opened up public downloads for non-Patreon supporters, allowing those who weren’t already donating to him a chance to experience the high-quality rape/snuff fetish clip. Here are the details straight from his Tumblr, as well as some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

##Feature Video Release: “Loose Ends” (Harley)

“One final and very desperate blowjob before the end”

2 Minutes of full motion video with sound + voice acting.

- the download can be found at my page over at

Warning contains extreme and violent content – Strongly recommend you avoid if you dislike death in your 3D animations.

##Voice Talent


The one and fucking only. When it’s male (or monster) voice acting I need, Kristoff, the AK47 of smut voice acting has never ever let me down, nor did he disappoint here. My specifications for this project were as follows:

“Our male should sound rugged and rapey, I think – the way someone would sound after some foetal alcohol poisoning, a rough childhood, a rougher set of teenage years, and then an early-adulthood spent carrying out violent crime and drinking/smoking way too much. Thoroughly blue-collar and semi-literate, but street smart and crime hardened.”

See for yourselves how much he exceeded that mandate!


Candy is a fairly new arrival to the scene and has been making waves very quickly. Based on my experience of collaborating with her, I can say that she is very quickly becoming the Hunter-S-Thompson of erotic voice talent, and wears her roles like a second skin.

In addition to my own stuff, you have probably also heard her in some of my man Secazz’s excellent works. I am extremely fortunate to have access to her vocal talents, and the flexibility of her moral compass never ceases to amaze me.

##A Word

If you enjoy extreme NSFW content, please consider directly supporting its creation


over at my Patron page. I work full-time, day and night to produce content you can’t get anywhere else. As a supporter, you get early access to videos, sneak peaks at works in progress and creative input.

Enjoy responsibly, and happy fapping/flicking!

The full video is available in Pestilence’s “Extreme Content” blog, here, but why wait on download times when you can watch it on this very page?

Pestilence also has a Patreon here, if you’re at all interested in supporting him for more SFM porn parodies.

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