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Quick Look at Chronicles of Lonvenholm

Today we’re taking a quick look at Chronicles of Lonvenholm, a game by indie developer Keliar. The game combines both the visual novel and battle tactics genres, all wrapped up in a fantasy motif.

The fantasy genre has always lent itself to all kinds of stories, from humble tales to the grandiose TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s book series, Game of Thrones. One thing that fantasy certainly does —  and does so well — is sex. Most fantasy tales take place in a time when sex wasn’t quite so taboo – for better or worse.

Because of this, there’s quite a few fantasy themed adult games on the market. We’ve covered quite a few here in the past, and today we’ve got one more.

Chronicles of Lonvenholm is a fantasy visual novel that incorporates RPG styled battle tactics on the side. A good mixture of action and narrative, Chronicles of Lonvenholm follows your avatar as you journey through its picturesque land. Players can start as one of two classes, a vagabond or noble, which provide different routes and content.

The story itself will differ depending on your choices. Players who begin as a noble will find themselves among their camp of merry men, out searching for a missing person. Those who start as a vagabond are slightly less well-intentioned, but they do have a rather pretty female traveling companion.

As for the gameplay, players will be very familiar with Chronicles of Lonvenholm’s visual novel elements. During the battle sections, which function as a small mini-game of sorts, players will be tasked with defending themselves from roaming bands of enemies.

Players will firstly be presented with the battle menu, where they can check up on their forces and assemble a team for battle. There are a few different classes to choose from, some with their own perk trees, which are suited for either ranged or melee. A full team will consist of six good men, which would make even Ramsay Bolton quiver in delight.

Battling is rather intuitive once you’re on the field, where you’ll attack by simply clicking your foe. Additionally, each class has access to a set number of special moves; you can deal extra damage, buff your friends or lower the enemy’s defense.

Chronicles of Lonvenholm is currently still in development. The development team, which consists of three, hopes to implement more elements as time goes on, with a focus on a few key points. Similar to games like Dragon Age: Origins, Keliar wants Chronicles of Lonvenholm to have a comparable origins system. This has already been partially implemented, as mentioned, but could well see further development.

The team also wants to create a rich and vibrant world, with a diverse cast of characters that inhabit an equally diverse geographical region. Additionally, the developers want to focus on a story that has consequences, with player agency playing an important role in the world.

The final “cherry on top”, to quote Keliar themselves, is the adult content. So far, the game isn’t too heavy on adult material, but the team is pushing to implement it fully. A dedicated visual artist has been busy creating all the highly detailed artwork for the game, which includes a gallery of your erotic conquests.

If you want to try out Chronicles of Lonvenholm for yourself, you can find a link to it here (with a mirror here). The game is still quite fresh, so you shouldn’t expect all the content of a full release, but there’s enough for a good idea of what one can expect. According to the developer, the game is and always will be free.

If you’d like to find out more about the game and the team behind it, head over to Keliar’s Patreon page to lend your support. Individual pledges will net you various rewards, such as early access to builds and the ability to help shape development. Whether you enjoy the heat of battle or the heat of the bedroom, Chronicles of Lonvenholm is worth a try.

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