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Pati Games Censor Dragon Heroes Due To Market Policies

South Korean developer Pati Games has been forced to censor their latest game, Dragon Heroes. The team was given little choice due to Google and Apple’s app market policies.

Today’s just one of those days for censorship. In an article earlier today, we mentioned how a lot of companies often have an aversion to adult content. The degree to which this happens is different for each, but you’ll usually find at least some sex negativity in the terms of service.

Google and Apple have a pretty large hold on the mobile app market, with a combined total share of 98.4%. What that really means is this; these two giants of tech make all the rules. Pati Games, a South Korean app developer, has just found this out the hard way.

Dragon Heroes is a classic arcade style shooter, somewhat reminiscent of the 1981 arcade classic Galaga. Players will fight their way through waves of enemies, which form up on the screen to block your path. Of course, by virtue of this game being the topic of this article, the game also has a bunch of cute girls too.

From Dragon Heroes’ promotional material, it’s plain to see that this game was made with a little fan service in mind. The game’s characters wear revealing outfits, with sexy bustiers that support some rather heaving breasts. Things were going well until the latest update from May 19th surfaced.

According to a Facebook post by the team at Pati Games, it looks as though Dragon Heroes will be censored from now on. The post states that Pati Games has “decided to change some of the characters’ images to follow Google and Apple app market policies”. This, of course, suggests that the decision was preemptive, and it isn’t actually clear whether Google or Apple directly intervened.

The changes made are fairly extensive. Also included in the Facebook post is a list of all the edits, which mostly impact characters and costumes. As is normally the case with censorship of this type, the outfits now cover up more skin. Cleavage has been reigned in, while exposed midriffs have been covered up. Even thighs aren’t safe, as one character’s stockings has been turned into the much safer legging.

For anyone who purchased costumes before the cut-off date of May 19th, you’re in luck. Users who already own items will not be subject to change, which is one small consolation. For the remaining users who don’t have that luxury, there’s always an earlier version of the game available somewhere. Not that we’re encouraging you do that, of course.

For a bit more info, check out the video released by Censored Gaming, who was the first to discover this sad news. It’s unlikely Google or Apple will change their terms and conditions anytime soon, so be prepared for more of this in future. The sex appeal of Dragon Heroes was arguably a big draw, and while the girls still look good, being forced to change a product is never something you want to do.

If you want to find out more about Dragon Heroes, you can find it on either Google Play or the iTunes App Store, where it is free-to-play.

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