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Capcom Bans Adult Sponsors from Pro Tour

In a shock move, Capcom has banned several teams from appearing on their pro gaming circuit, citing adult sponsorship as the root cause.


Everyone wants to be family friendly. Disney lives by that mantra, and they’ll own practically everything in a few decades. There aren’t many people who are willing to go too far out on a limb, which is why PayPal and other sites strictly forbid any affiliation with adult content. A bad reputation means a loss in funds, and who wants that?

Capcom certainly doesn’t. Or at least they do, sort of. Last year, Capcom caused controversy when they removed one of R. Mika’s animations. Their reasoning was that more people would be inclined to play, and by removing it Street Fighter V  would become less offensive to the wider audience. That’s where the “sort of” part comes in.

As we wrote back in January, while Capcom may have removed the bootylicious animation, they opted to keep the game’s more racy outfits. It was a strange dichotomy, and it arguably contradicted any noble intentions Capcom may have had.

Fast forward to the last few months, and it seems Capcom are caught in a bit of a fix once more. Announced earlier today, it looks as though Capcom has opted to ban Team YouPorn from competing in the Capcom Pro Tour.

This came about as Capcom released their latest set of rules for the event, which stipulates that they will “not allow players to participate in any tournament if sponsored by adult content”. It’s worth noting here that Capcom only mentions “pornographic websites” directly, which leaves other adult sites, such as those that offer gambling, still open to sponsor.

Capcom also mentions that a host of other “adult” industries will also be exempt from this rule, specifically cigarettes and alcohol. Porn is obviously just too harmful to risk advertising. Think of the kids, won’t you?




It’s a complicated, if not a little hypocritical, set of affairs. Considering Team YouPorn operate as an entirely “safe for work” brand, it seems to be an overreach in regulations, which don’t have a clear goal. Any push for a family friendly tournament is negated by allowing cigarette sponsors, which leaves us with good old fashioned sex negativity.

For more news on Team YP, check out their website. #FreeTeamYP.

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