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New and Very Lewd Ima Real Figurine by Alphamax Up for Preorder

Figurine maker Alphamax has just opened pre-orders for their newest lewd figurine, featuring Aihara Honami from the Comic X-Eros and later Fakku series, Ima Real.

The figurine is a mirror of the series’ original cover art by  artist Takeda Hiromitsu, showing Honami, in extremely revealing clothing, kneeling while making a heart gesture over her exposed crotch. It’s, to be frankly honest, pretty great. Doubly so because both her panties and the bit of her bra that covers her nipples can be removed, leaving Honami completely unprotected and making the whole thing even more arousing.

The figurine was sculpted by artist “2%. It’s PVC, pre-painted, pre-assembled, and comes with a shiny heart-shaped base. It’s cast-offable, and comes with two different pairs of panties. The figurine is sculpted at 1/6 scale, standing at 16.5cm (6.5 inches). As usual, this is a limited collectible, so it’s now or never because stock is limited. Pre-orders have begun now, and the figurine itself is scheduled for release in December 2016. The current price on AmiAmi is 14904 yen, or $135 USD, not counting any point discounts or additional shipping costs. You can see all this for yourself here.

If you’re interested, Alphamax is a well-known figurine maker with a huge catalog in AmiAmi. They’ve made something for pretty much everybody, and also have tons of new figurines currently on pre-order. Check them out!

As for Ima Real itself, it’s an H-doujin series featuring the NTR odyssey of a sexy idol girl. It was first serialized in 2010, in Comic X-Eros in Japan. An official English translation, however, has been published by Fakku, here.

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