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Dickpic Taking Simulator Cobra Club Gets an HD Release

Indie developer Robert Yang is back with a revised HD version of his dickpic taking simulator Cobra Club, where even more penis customization awaits.

Independent developer Robert Yang, known for such homoerotic titles as Hurt Me PlentySucculentStick Shift and Rinse and Repeat has returned with an updated version of Cobra Club. The revisited game, now known as Cobra Club HD, gives you the immersive experience of taking dickpics and sharing them social media for fellow penis enthusiasts to rate and comment on.

Here’s what the developer himself has to say about Cobra Club and what his aim was when he created the game.

If selfies argue that all faces are worthy of memory, dick pics show how all cocks are worthy of consideration. In the vein of noble projects like Critique My Dick Pic, we wish to “take back” the dick pic from the clutches of creepy congressmen and tabloid headlines. Popular discourse rightfully centers the consent of dick pic recipients, but government mass surveillance (Can They See My Dick?) also threatens the consent of dick pic senders, as state spy complexes admit they “collect it all” with almost no oversight or transparency.

To help re-imagine what dick pics can do for society, Cobra Club gives everyone, even people without dicks, access to the means of (dick pic) production though a fully-adjustable virtual 3D dick and versatile camera controls. It is both no one’s dick and everyone’s dick. Perhaps the dick pic is democracy itself…

Cobra Club HD is highly customizable and allows the player to set everything from the size, color and erection levels of the simulated penis to the background filters of the photos we are going to snap. If you play the game long enough, you might even discover some secrets that will surely enrich your shutterbug venture. The new HD remastered version of the title features an additional slider for pubic hair, a completely new dick to take photos of and even strap-on support.

Cobra Club HD can now be downloaded and played completely free of charge from the developer’s itch.io page.  Robert Yang also has a regularly updated developer blog where he shares his thoughts on sexuality, game development, and other musings, so be sure to check it out if you desire a deeper insight into his creative processes.

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