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New Super Pochaco Patissier up for Pre-Order

A new Super Pochaco figurine is up for pre-order, having been created by Chara-Ani and Toy’s Works of Japan. The figure is due for release in August 2016.

While Super Sonico may have generous proportions, there’s no disputing the fact that her “sister” has her beat. Of course, they’re not actually sisters, but they might as well be. Super Pochaco appeared on the scene in early 2013 and has no doubt stolen some of Sonico’s thunder with her much more ample measurements.

Pochaco lovers are in luck, as it was announced recently that a new figurine would be up for grabs soon. Chara-Ani and Toy’s Works have now opened pre-orders for the “Super Pochaco Patissier ver.”, which features an original depiction of the character.

It’s quite apt really when you consider Pochaco’s probable affinity for eating, as this new figure features her with a big lump of cake. Pochaco is also dressed for the occasion, with a baking themed outfit to suit the mood. She wears a large chef’s hat and neckerchief, along with a rather tiny pair of panties and a cut off top. Someone’s obviously mentioned the heat in the kitchen, and she’s taken it very seriously.

The figure is  1/6 in scale and stands at 20 cm (7.8 inches) tall. It’s made from a combination of PVC, ABS and SBS, which makes for a rather interesting feature.

As shown in the promotional material, the figurine will have the ability to compress when touched. You could refer to this as a “squish factor”, which means you can poke and prod her body – particularly her heaving bosom.

The figure, sculpted by Shima, has a recommended retail price of ¥15000 ($140) on Chara-Ani . The figure can also be found on AmiAmi , for the lower price of ¥11,840 ($110), which comes with a 21% discount. AmiAmi also carries the Super Sonico version of this figure, which retails for the same price. If you’re really into SoniComi, then grabbing both these figures will complete your thickness collection.

Super Pochaco Patissier ver. is due out in August of 2016, while her Sonico counterpart is already available now.

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