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New Keepin' it in the Family Demo Now Available

A new demo for Greebo’s adult RPG Keepin’ it in the Family is now available. This brings us up to version 3, which serves as a tester for the full release.

As the title of this article might suggest, this one’s for our readers who like a bit of family fun. There’s actually a lot more to it than that, but Greebo’s current title Keepin’ it in the Family has that name for a reason.

Keepin’ it in the Family is an adult RPG, one that involves some incestuous elements. Built with RPG Maker, the game makes use of both the base engine and some additional 3D modelling on top. RPG Maker has proven to be quite popular with this style of development, and has allowed creators to expand upon the capabilities of this modest engine.

Set in a modern metropolitan city, Keepin’ it in the Family stars you, a young man with a real distaste for alarm clocks. The game follows you as you go about your daily routine, from copping a feel on your sister to chatting up your own mother.

The demo, currently on version 3, offers only a short stint in Keepin’ it in the Family, but there’s enough there to give you a feel for things.

Keepin’ it in the Family serves up a reasonable amount from what can be seen in the demo, and if the “replay room” is anything to go by, there should be quite a few scenes available. The developer updates the game on a fairly regular schedule, adding new content in all the time. This includes things like new locations, characters, and items.

Something that will certainly make Keepin’ it in the Family stand out is its animated scenes. A common complaint about this style of development, it seems as though Greebo has picked up on this criticism from other titles. So far there are only a handful of these animations, but we could see more in future as development continues.

If you want to check out Keepin’ it in the Family for yourself, you can find a direct link to the latest demo here . Currently, the full game is only available to Greebo’s Patreon backers, though $5 will snag you a copy of the latest build.

You can find more information and interact with the developer over on the Fenoxo Forums, where Greebo posts updates and enjoys feedback for the game.

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