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Review: Demon’s Sperm

Prepare to Satisfy

[UPDATE] Be sure to check out our updated full length video review by Zero here![/UPDATE]

With a title like Demon’s Sperm it’s not hard to understand what you’re getting into. Borrowed from the famously difficult Demon’s Souls, the title of this short game explains everything you might want to know before playing. There are demons, and you need their spunk.

The developers certainly knew what direction they were heading when they cooked this up, and there’s no denying the game sticks to the idea very well. In terms of gameplay Demon’s Sperm knows its roots well, confidently marrying PS1-era Castlevania and the original source material to present a fun little experience that will hold your attention.

Upon booting up the game you’re greeted with a familiar sight if you’re a fan of the Souls series. Using a similar text and menu system, the game tries hard to make you feel like you’re simply playing another game in FROM’s timeless saga. Continuing in this way, the game opens with you lying nude in a cell awaiting your fate. Of course this is only the beginning of your long journey as the top-heavy bimbo of legend and before long you’re dressed and ready for action.

Demon’s Sperm’s controls like a typical melee focused Metroidvania and works fine with Xpadder and a 360 controller. The character is easy to move around and has a very healthy “bounce” to each step, dash and roll. Rolling provides you with “iFrames” and due to the 2D nature can be confusing at first, but it works well and feels satisfying. Actions make use of a stamina bar though you will never find yourself running out as only rolls and blocking use it. The only real issue I had was with the jumping mechanic. The best way to describe the jump in this game is if you shove a pole up your ass then try to jump forwards – it’s not going to happen. Your jump is restricted to one very vertical hop that is mapped to the up arrow by default, and if left there will come back to haunt you mid fight.  Remap it.

Once you have the basics down you’re free to get into the game proper. As you play you’ll continue to notice the inspiration lifted from Demon’s Souls; the hollow enemies, the Estus flask, and most importantly the souls themselves. Only they’re not souls. Those of you who have paid attention will remember this game is all about the baby batter. Once an enemy has been killed you are rewarded graciously with a number of sperm that function as you’d expect. Levelling up, buying items and upgrading are all done by lavishly coating yourself with the cum of demons. That’s how I assume it must work anyway as sperm is spent through menus a la Demon’s Souls.

Using this freshly collected love juice you can make your character stronger and able to face further challenges. These challenges come in the shape of 4 levels that are accessed from a central hub after the initial area. In this hub you can speak to a number of NPCs that act as a shop and upgrade station for your flask, and if you save your boss souls provide an additional service.

This additional service is what we’ve all been waiting for – the sex scenes. Unfortunately Demon’s Sperm is severely lacking on this key feature. It seems as though much of the time and effort was put into making this game a love letter to Demon’s Souls and Castlevania, which while there is no problem with that, doesn’t seem to make it much of an H-game. When I began Demon’s Sperm I expected the typical “take hits see tits” formula, and while that remains true for some of the game (falling below 50% does remove your clothes), it’s few and far between.

The vast majority of enemies do not try to fuck you when they attack and instead is reserved solely for enemies with hearts floating above them. Within each level there are maybe 3 of these enemies, and as the enemy type hardly varies anyway it’s not worth it.

Each enemy only has one position to boink you in though another can join in the fun if they catch up. The main sex scenes come from providing your boss souls to the upgrade lady, where she will then summon (the same) muscle bound hollow to bone you in different positions. The scenes aren’t brilliant and aren’t as well-crafted as the game itself, but I suppose it’s something. The hentai seems very secondary to the main game and is simply “there” as an extra for you to enjoy. The Souls series is well known for its sporadic story, but I think I would be giving too much credit to suggest this was why.

In the end I would still recommend this title. It’s a fun game and the short length means it’s not much of a chore to get through. It’s charming in its own way and functions well as a normal Metroidvania that just happens to have a bit of hentai in its midst. I can’t confidently recommend this game if you’re just looking to add your own sperm to the screen, since you’d have to work very hard for your orgasm in order to do so. Then again as a Souls parody, maybe that’s the point.


  • heart"></i> Faithful to its source
  • heart"></i> Nice animations
  • heart"></i> Weapon variety


  • heart-broken"></i> Not currently translated
  • heart-broken"></i> Enemy variety
  • heart-broken"></i> Sex scenes aren't amazing


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