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LewdLook: Succubus Fist

Kicking ass with a huge rack!

A good beat-em-up is hard to come across… They’re not the most popular games in the modern day landscape.  When they DO show up, however, it’s a boatload of fun, take Dragons Crown for example. To make a good beat-em-up, you kind of need to have a balance of simplicity, to keep that “pick up and play” feel, while still having the complexity to keep the game from feeling like a repetitive slog.  Most of us know of the classic titles: Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc… However, there’s one out there gamers may NOT have heard about: Succubus Fist.

Succubus Fist, also known as “Inma no Ken”, is a hentai-themed beat-em-up from developer “Full Flap”. Featuring a well-endowed woman in a schoolgirl outfit, the player is tasked with beating down (and occasionally screwing) hordes of enemies. At the surface, it seems like your usual h-game fare: Cheeseball gameplay, samey, palette swapped enemies, and a shallow experience that would sooner be forgotten underneath a pile of flash h-games at newgrounds. Underneath the titillating surface however, is a game that is actually kind of entertaining.

A typical beat-em-up from the old school variety keeps it simple. One button to punch, one to kick, both buttons to do a special move and either ↑ or a button for jump. In succubus fist, you get a bit of that, but instead of pressing both attack buttons to do a special, the game has it’s own special attack button. With it, you get a sort of Super Smash Brothers style attack in which the up, down, left, and right directions combined with the special attack can produce different moves.  All of which can be customised in the menu between stages. There’s a pretty decent selection of special moves to choose from. A lot of them are pretty much Street Fighter rip-offs, however. Ranging from Ryu’s Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Guile’s Flash Kick and even Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick… which provides more than a glimpse of “pantsu”. This adds a nice bit of depth to the gameplay, keeping it from being stale, and allowing a comfortable fit for each player’s individual play style.

She could knock someone out with those…

The main game consists of five four-part stages with two bonus stages after completion.  As you fight and complete states, you gain experience points. Those experience points can be used to purchase different special and super moves to enhance your character. You can also use these points to boost your attack power, health, and special move bar. This definitely makes the game more interesting, making previously difficult bosses a cinch to get through. To avoid grinding forever on the same levels, the game provides a few minigames to gain experience. Those games include an addictive egg catching game, a timing game in which your character gives a guy a handjob, a game in which you keep a ball in the air by blowing it, and a running game with bouncing breasts that will either arouse, humor or cause one to cringe. (Seriously, they’re ridiculous.)

The bits that make this game fun have to be the variety it throws at you. Aside from the special moves and minigames, the enemies come as a nice mix. Various masked men, escaped prisoners, female luchadors, and even a few vertically challenged, 36 year old, ninjas make an appearance to give the Succubus a run for her money. Forgoing the typical food items on the ground for health, Succubus Fist gives players the opportunity to have sex with some of the enemies, provided they have hearts above their heads. To avoid being too samey, you can cause different sexual positions to happen with different characters by being positioned in a certain way. For example, staying crouched will lead to the character taking it from behind or giving a blowjob. It seems as though the developers thought about how this could potentially halt gameplay, so if you’re in a hurry or aren’t as interested in the sex as you were the first 500 times. Holding both attack buttons causes it to finish quickly so you can get back to punching the ever-loving crap out of everyone. Players can also use dildos found on the ground or tentacle monsters from above or below to gain health.

Fighting feels responsive and the sprites are well animated. Everything from the breast jiggle to the punches and kicks look detailed in their animations. The graphics are nice with a 16-bit style with a variety of colours used. The sound effects are pretty good, even the squelching sounds of the main character as she gets fucked and played with by the many enemies. The only issue is that the voice sound effects start to sound pretty repetitive after a while. Gameplay wise, it’s a pretty short game. It’s a decent two-to-three hour romp provided you aren’t spending more time getting points playing the mini games in the hopes that your big-breasted karate waifu will become overpowered, and successfully beat down foes with one kick or punch.

For those interested in the game, here is a translation of the ingame menus and options!

Credit goes to the kind souls at ULMF.

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